Public Reporting of Medical Errors - Paper Example on Public Health

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Date:  2021-03-25

Would you advocate implementing it in Dubai?

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The public is always hidden from the medical mistakes caused by the medical practitioners. The databases remain kept in a complete secret and confidential. The errors may include the delays in treatment, diagnosis, and omission of care. Additionally, the errors are witnessed in wrong blood transfusion and mistaken surgery on the patient which can be prevented.

In Dubai, the related medical errors have resulted in physical injury, psychological problems, and death of the patients. Therefore, I would recommend the medical practitioners to use the National reporting system as a tool for improving the healthcare quality and safety of the patient. This program is significant in getting the correct statistics of the medical errors, and therefore the relevant bodies can act accordingly to control and prevent the occurrence of the same mistake. The Dubai government should, therefore, ensure that all the health care facilities have the National reporting system to help enhance the safety of the patients. The national system of notification is also beneficial for reporting and analyzing critical healthcare occurrences to ensure that others learn the lessons. The national reporting system should be the responsibility of the safety of the patients in Dubai. The national system of notification is mandated to collect and analyze the data and information from adverse occurrences from the various health care providers.

Would you recommend it to be public?

Considering several factors such as the hospital leaders' attitudes, I would not advocate for the public disclosure of the statistics or information related to medical errors. Public reporting of medical errors is an important strategy for enhancing quality in service delivery, for instance, public reporting helps the patients make strategic decisions on when to get care. Besides, it is primarily concerned to accelerate improvements efforts by medical practitioners. Despite the benefits, I would oppose the public reporting in Dubai due to various negative attitudes, perceptions, and views from the hospital managers and leaders as they matter to promote sustainability of service delivery.

What kind of information to include in the reporting system?

There is various information which should be involved in the national reporting systems. The information related to healthcare errors is critical in assisting I strengthening of care and enhancing the quality of attention to Dubai people. In giving the information, it is essential to include the organizational culture and the medical practitioners culture. Therefore, some types of information may be viewed as troublemaker information as they may result in more harm than good.

Would you make mandatory or voluntary?

It is vital to make the reporting mandatory to all the health institutions is the best policy strategy to minimize the chances of the medical errors. Moreover, the mandatory reporting would significantly change the NHS into a firm with memory that acquired from the mistakes.

Dubai, for instance, has shifted from a voluntary reporting to mandatory notification system to expand the database, monitor the outcomes or performances, thereby intervening quickly with any issue corning patients safety.

And, if you recommend it have this kind of system what are the critical requirement that you think will make it useful to improve quality and safety of care in Dubai?

The essential prerequisite for the system includes the litigation and accountability. Most health practitioners always leave in fear of being subjected to disciplinary actions if they report the errors. The responsibility of the medical practitioners based on the negligence of the medical professionals may pose a challenge in willingness to give the public information based on their errors. Doctors in Dubai should not be held accountable if their practices are clinically out of negligence. However, some situations may prompt the government to make the doctors accountable if they knowingly conduct themselves unethically in their practice.

In the end in few points put down how you envision the structure of this system.

The composition of the national reporting system is ideal for enhancing the medical ethics in the medical field. It will prevent harm and act in the best interests of patients. The system ensures errors are reported, investigated while implementing new procedures that guarantee safety to the patients.


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