Public Relation Agency Paper Example

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Date:  2022-09-22


As opposed to many advertising companies, Public relation agencies promote organizations or individuals through editorial coverage. The editorial coverage mostly known as "free" media entails magazines, newspapers, website stories, and TV programmes. Both public relation agencies and advertising companies have the goals of promoting the clientele and aiding their success in whatever business they do. However, their ways of creating cognizance are vastly different.

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For a Public relation agency to successfully aid their clientele in one way or the other, it has to have a clear mission and objective, a clear understanding of clients' history and the targeted audience who the campaign is intended to reach. It is with this regards that this research paper intends to find out about the Public relation campaigns which Value360 communications execute.


Value360 communications are one of the top public relation firms headquartered in New Delhi in India. The firm was formed in 2003 with the main objective of providing a determined, practical, and achievable consolidated communication programme. It is no doubt the firm boasts of successfully aiding more than one hundred brands across the globe to discern their corporate communication essentials. Innovation, strategy, execution, deliverable and impact are the key aspect on which the public relation services are based. All the strategies at the firm are aimed at making the clientele to outstand in both growth-centric and quantifiable ways. The Mission of Value360 communications is:

"We aspire to use our inherent strengths as a PR solution provider and intrinsic knowledge of the markets to emerge as a multi-disciplinary communications firm leading PR agency the way towards global connectivity for our clients. We take pride in cementing relations between people and bringing about change in perception using innate creativity and result oriented strategies."

The firm has a wide range of clientele from different disciplines such as technology, e-commerce, finance and banking, education, health sector, automotive, and so on.

One of the recent and successful PR campaigns conducted by Value360 communications was done for the During the PR campaign for, the agency used the product PR campaign to drive their objective of satisfying the clientele. This is evident since the campaign involved the launch and marketing of a new category in the market which was a new product. The message of the PR campaign was to inform buyers and sellers of used goods that this was a platform like a marketplace where people can sell and buy used goods.

For the PR campaign to be a success, a PR activity was incorporated. The agency illuminated an application called find a Hobby partner where people with the same mind in a particular area could meet and potter about their favourite activities, and as a result get to have carpooling partners.

Since the clientele brand had very few press announcements, value360 communications had to choose a very proactive campaign; communication campaign was involved which highlighted to the people how convenient the Olx app was. The campaign was uniquely carried out since the agency linked each activity to the advertising campaigns and the marketing advantage which provided a unique approach to the brand building of the clientele.


An effective communication had to be put in place for the campaign to be a success. A very competitive leader in e-commerce was appointed the spokesperson of As a result, was the most talked about brand on the e-commerce platform and therefore effective and successful delivery of the message to the rightful targeted group of people.

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