PR as a Management Function

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Date:  2021-03-15

Q1. Why can we say that PR is a management function?

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The role of PR in organizations is to establish fundamental publics, both internal as well as external, and with whom to incorporate to enable the effective operations, as well as to develop strategic relationships that are sustainable. Public relation is a management function since in entails the identification and maintenance of mutual channels of communications, acceptance, understanding and effective corporations between the publics and the organization.

Public Relations as a management function, facilitates the management of issues that arises, helps management keep up to date on as well as responsive measures to public opinion. It also, serves as a monitoring channel to avert problems and facilitate change and helps to anticipate trends. It is fundamental to note that it utilizes ethical communication approaches as its principle tools.

PR is the management function that which assess public attitudes, establishes policies and processes of the firm with the interest of the public. Consequently, plans and implements a workable program to gain public acceptance as well as trust.

Additionally, officers in the Public Relations department should ideally be part of senior management team and get engaged in the process of decision making. It implies that the officers will be engaged in formulating policies that affect the public directly. Public relations officers have a special task of performing their obligations with highest guidelines of truth fairness, accuracy as well as with dignity towards the public.

In addition to the above, Public Relation enhances research by conducting and evaluating programs that are put forth to change the public understands.

Q2. According to this chapter, when does PR contribute the most to organizational effectiveness? (in other words, under which conditions does PR provide the greatest value to an organization?)

Organizations effectiveness comprises the input of the entire firm; however, PR is a very imperative element in the success of the organization as it facilitates the achievement of aims and goals. Public relation contributes to the organizations effectiveness under the following conditions:

Involvement of public relations in strategic management of the procedures of the organization.

Symmetrical framework for both external and internal communication.

During a crisis time and resource management. In this case, there is need for problem solving techniques.

When management trust needs to be enhanced with the public.

In the process of building managements multi-stakeholder linkages.

When there is need to instill and elaborate companys values.

Therefore, effectiveness of an organization is most contributed by PR in the above conditions.

In conclusion, a successful firm or organization is one that communicates effectively to with the clients. It should as well maintain the same clear communication with the public and shareholders and all the stakeholders in the making. Effective communication channels helps in creating a customer base for the organization. Public relations as a management function have a unique role to play in the facilitation of success of the organization. As discussed in the above areas, it plays a fundamental role in the policy formulation as well as enhancing process of establishing mutual relationships among the key parties. Additionally, it comes in and saves the situations in instances that are deemed fit for change. As discussed in the previous section, there are conditions under which public relation provides the greatest value and help stir organizational success.

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