Protocols, Parameters, and Progressions

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Date:  2022-04-18

The 21 Day Fix Program is a novel health program that encompasses the use of a portion-control system and 30-minute workouts. The workouts are easy to follow and can be easily incorporated into someone's schedule. The developer of the program was inspired by her passion for food and decided to use foods to make people healthier rather than make them unhealthier and prone to diseases. The program is divided into different packages which come at different prices to suit your budget and needs. The 21 Day Fix Program has increasingly become popular in the past few years hence the need to evaluate its effectiveness in promoting a healthy lifestyle.

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One of the advantages of the 21 Day Fix program is its brevity. When purchasing the program, the user is guaranteed their dream body in only twenty-one days. Due to the brevity of the program, it has attracted many critics arguing that it does not meet the minimum requirements of ACM's guidelines. However, a review of the program shows that this is false because it integrates several training methods including resistance, Yoga, cardio, Pilates, and compound exercises (Garber et al., 2011). The workouts for each exercise take a minimum of thirty minutes which is the minimum set standard. In addition, the program incorporates a detailed nutrition guide that helps the user meet their nutritional requirements. Importantly, the program has a modifier hence it is applicable to anyone (21 Day Fix: How to Get Started, 2013). To maximize the benefits of the program, it has a 3-day quick fix program that is specifically designed to maximize fat loss at the end of the program.

While the 21 Day Program has significant benefits of enabling the user to lose up to fifteen pounds after three weeks, it has several shortcomings that could be rectified. One of them is that it is almost impossible to lose more than fifteen pounds at the end of the program. If one needs to lose 20 pounds, he/she must do the workouts twice. In addition, the users do not have a single day of rest. All the 21 days are incorporated into the program with each day having its unique workout program. Considering these shortcomings, it would be advisable to set aside one or two days every week for resting to allow the beginners adjust to the program. In order to fix the program and make it resemble an NASM style OPT Integrated Training program, more strength and resilience exercises must be incorporated. The existing exercises for the program are aimed at helping the user lose weight and not develop body strength. However, it is important to include additional exercises that can yield both goals simultaneously. The four most goals to achieve include weight loss, strength, stabilization, and power. Therefore, the trainer should develop training program best suited to each user's needs. Apart from the shortcomings, the program is highly user-friendly and yields positive results when followed accordingly.


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