Project Analysis & Team Selection: Creating a Global Team

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Date:  2023-11-15

Since the project involves resources from different areas, time zones, and residents speaking different languages, the first step that I will take in selecting and managing a project team of this scope is project analysis. It entails identifying the project goals and the activities essential to achieve these goals (Anantatmula, 2010). It is also important to know the total number of distant locations, country cultures, time zones, and different languages. The second step is determining project requirements, by defining time, budget, and resource constraints, to recruit project team members accordingly (Schulenkorf, 2010). In the third step, there is a breakdown of tasks such as the person and effort needed to handle a given task (Schulenkorf, 2010). Fourthly, meeting other managers and the human resource manager to determine scope inputs is another essential step (Anantatmula, 2010). Lastly, supporting plans are generated, including a human resource plan, a communication plan, and a risk management plan (Anantatmula, 2010).

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I will adopt the usage of the collaborative tools, clear and often communication, precise action plans creation, and result celebration. According to Khan et al. (2016), collaborative tools such as cloud-based documentation where several users can comment, edit, and create files all simultaneously, regardless of their location. It is also a good tool used for notes taking throughout discussion calls (Khan et al., 2016). Clear and often communication will be conducted as per jointly suitable time to hold online meeting groups, regular emailing the staff on their responsibilities, and general updates. On the language barrier issue, the first solutions include using written communication mostly, speaking slowly, and using signposts. The issue of time difference can be resolved by using a project management tool in reflecting the location of team members to enable them to comment in their time zone and see events that are time driven.

According to Anantatmula (2010), international project team members eliminate redundancies by assigning a specific employee to a given task. Other benefits include increased productivity, problem-solving, and enhances problem-solving. Furthermore, since the team members have different time zones, it allows for offline working time.


Anantatmula, V. S. (2010). Project manager leadership role in improving project performance. Engineering Management Journal, 22(1), 13-22., A. W., Khan, S. U., Qasim, I., & Khan, I. (2016). Critical Barriers in Project Management Faced by Offshore Software Multi-Sourcing Vendors: A Detailed Study., N. (2010). The roles and responsibilities of a change agent in sport event development projects. Sport Management Review, 13(2), 118-128.

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