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Presently, Coca-Colas social media strategic emails the use of four social media channels including Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Flickr to provide various forms of interaction for its consumers. With the Millennials generation comprising the most significant market segment for this company, Coca Cola uses different approaches to appeal to this population. As its tragic purpose is to encourage consumers to purchase, try, desire, raise awareness, or deepen customer loyalty, the company use these social media channels for different goals. Coca-Cola uses Facebook to facilitate fan engagement with the brand through forum discussions of brand advertising and projects across different cultures. Facebook helps drive Coca Cola's branding strategy as it offers the company a platform on which it can make regular posts aligned with its CSR goal as well as an outlet for its brand localisation. On Twitter, fans of Coca Cola have the opportunity to comment, respond and share their perceptions and the latest news from Coca Cola. Besides that, this channel lets the company showcase beautiful videos and pictures among its legion of fans. In this manner, Twitter helps the company cost-effectively achieve its tragic marketing goals. Through YouTube, it shares the latest videos of its news, commercials, advertising, and marketing content while receiving feedback from its fans. Typically, Coca Cola's YouTube videos exploit the feel-good factor and fun lifestyle to create a desire for its products among Millennials. Finally, the company leverages the power of Flickr which enables its fans to tag its logo and products globally. As a result, Coca Cola's Flickr strategy provides tactical benefits for its rabid marketing efforts.

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Similarly, Pepsi taps the power of social media to create brand engagement with its customers. For example, Pepsi regularly updates its Facebook page which has over 34 million users with captivating videos that drive user engagement. However, Pepsi has several Twitter accounts for its range of products backed by a team that posts several tweets per day. Through this channel, the company strives to create brand loyalty and awareness. The primary objective is to promote the brand as an exciting brand for the youthful. Moreover, its use of YouTube and Flickr help the company increase its presence to a global audience by contracting celebrities from local countries. Accordingly, this analysis reveals that both companies rely heavily on social media channels to promote their brands across the globe. However, both experience challenges in successfully driving engagement. Subsequently, the next section contains practical recommendations for both companies on how they can leverage these channels to ensure better brand visibility, completion, increase sales volume, and revenues.

Coke versus Pepsi Who Has Better Social Currency

In terms of social currency, Coke leads Pepsi. According to Forbes, Coke is in position six of the World's Most Valuable Brands for 2019 (Forbes). Besides. Coca Cola market cap is higher than Pepsi's value of $204.87 billion compared to Pepsi's $159 billion by the end of January 2019. As a result, the Coca Cola has access to massive financial resources for engaging in a social media campaign to promote its brand. Both companies continue their competition, marketing, and brand visibility war on social media. In particular, the campaign targeting the young generation who spend time online. For example, Coke has over 107.62 million fans on 218333101665200Facebook against Pepsi's 37.86 million. Figure 1 below shows the level of brand engagement of

Figure 1. Image source:

the two brands before the 2018 World Cup in Russia. From this graphic, it is apparent that coca cola leads Pepsi in endorsements from celebrities, social media influencers, and consumers. Globally, users have mentioned Coca Cola over 12.2million time with the brand garnering 117.2 million engagements in 2018. In comparison, Pepsi managed only 7.8 million mentions and 75.2 million engagements. In addition to that, Coke outdid Pepsi in social media engagement within the USA in 2018. In the US, Pepsi generated 4 million social media mentions and 3.9 million engagement with Coca Cola generating 3.7 million and 59.7 million engagements. Interestingly, Coca Cola had low mentions, yet it managed to outdo Pepsi in revenues over the past year. Further analysis shows that Coca Cola as a brand is the clear winner in the social media war as 952571437500depicted in Figure 2 below.

A comparison of tweets on Coke's channel provides an overview of the human context that drives brand engagement among a brand's fans, customers, and influencers. Searches of the names Coke or Pepsi on social media channels also reveals the dominance of Coca Cola over presence. Besides that, most online users mention Coca Cola more frequently than they do Pepsi, which indicates a clear bias form the former than the latter. These findings indicate that Coca Cola has the best social currency over Pepsi. From this exercise, it is imperative that how the brand uses social media impacts upon its popularity, brand loyalty, revenues, and overall marketing objectives. Accordingly, both companies cannot underrate the critical role that effective use of social media channels play in driving their strategic objectives.

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"The World's Most Valuable Brands." Forbes.

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