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Stress is one of the most common problems faced by several individuals in their day-to-day activities. By definition, stress is an internal state which is caused by the physical requirements of the body or by the social and environmental situation, which are gaged as possibly uncontrollable, harmful or exceeding folks' resources for coping. According to several studies, stress is always an ultimatum which is made upon the adaptive capacities of the mind which people cannot meet. Through such definitions, stress is a situation which does not allow individuals to perform their daily duties as required or are unable to live comfortably within their environments (Seaward, 2017). Therefore, stress is a customary physical retort which happens when one feels upset or threatened. It is a situation when an individual feels that he/she is in danger whether it is imaged or real. While it is not always harmful, studies have revealed that stress is a situation which lowers the performance of individuals in almost all aspects hence should be solved as fast as possible whenever realized in order to realize and restore the normal function of people.

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Why It is a Problem?

Stress is a serious human problem since it prevents the normal functioning of people. While there are several harms caused by stress, the behavioral changes make it a major problem of human life. It decreases the efficiency of people and makes individuals do mistakes in situations or tasks that would have been accomplished successfully (Seaward, 2017). It makes people make incorrect decisions which may lead to wrong priority in life. In the end, people who are severely stressed become sleepless and get addicted to alcohol and other drugs. On the other hand, stress is linked to certain diseases and disorders such as cancer and heart disorders. It also causes forgetfulness, passiveness, and hypersensitivity. While the effects range from small to severe ones, stress is a major problem that needs to be solved for proper human functioning.

Possible Solutions

The effects of stress are serious hence require the fast solution. However, Seaward (2017) says that stress will continue to be part of people's lives since it is caused by a variety of things that cannot be solved at once. It is in this context that most of its solution strategies are actually ways of managing it and not eliminating it.

Avoiding its Causes

The first method of solving stress is avoiding incidences that cause it. Stress is caused by a variety of issues which include loss of family members, increased financial obligations, chronic illnesses that may cause death, and other emotional problems such as anxiety and depressions. In an event that one aims at solving stress, it is important to take into account all the causes which are related to it. According to the study carried by Regehr, Glancy, and Pitts (2013)., just like other diseases, disconnecting exposure pathways is the primary way of solving stress.

Regular Exercise

One of the most used methods of reducing stress is regular exercise. According to the study conducted by Meichenbaum and Turk, (2017), targeted exercises go a long way towards freeing the body of stress hormones and upsurging the endorphin levels in the body which are responsible for the feelings of happiness. In addition, physical activity bumps up the production of the brain's feel-good neurotransmitters known as endorphins. Also, regular exercise increases self-confidence and can lower several symptoms which are associated with minor depressions and anxieties. Exercise also improves sleep, which in most cases is disrupted by anxiety, stress, and depression.

The Best Solution

The best solution to solving stress is regular exercise. When stress affects people's brain, with the several nerve connections, the whole of the body gets the impact as well as other parts. So it is, therefore, necessary to reason that when the body gets better, so does the mind. Exercises and other physical activities produce a hormone known as endorphins-compounds in the brain which act as the natural painkillers and improve the aptitude to sleep and relax, which in the end decreases stress. Regular exercise is not limited to meditation, massage therapy, acupuncture, breathing deeply, all can produce endorphins hormone. Conservative wisdom states that a workout of squat of reasonable intensity makes people feel energized and very healthy. It is important to note that avoiding causes of stress is impossible since such sources are very many hence would not make a good way of reducing stress.

Call to Action

Since stress is one of the leading factors that lower performance of individuals, it is of great importance to look for ways to solve it. As discussed, one of the best ways of solving stress is performing regular exercise. Therefore, it advisable for people who are stressed up to perform regular stress either by their instructor or individually. It will boost the production endorphin hormone which is responsible for the feeling of happiness.


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