Presenting a Speech to Classmates and Tutor

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Date:  2023-05-30

The speech was written following the assignment guidelines of the project provided by the literature tutor. The speech will be presented in the classroom on the first Monday of next month.

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A2. Who is the audience, and what are their characteristics?

The audience will be my classmates and the literature tutor. My classmates are prone to boredom, so I will have to utilize innovative ways to present my speech. The literature teacher is strict and meticulous, and I will thus be forced to give an address that is well researched and organized.

A3. Why has the audience come to hear the speech?

The audience has to listen to the speech because it is a class requirement for everyone to present their personal views on different literature topics. The teacher is essential since he is grading the presentation.

A4. What are the interests of the audience?

My classmates' interests include learning about new exciting themes and topics. The teacher is interested in helping us understand the different issues presented in different types of literature.

A5. What does the audience know about your topic?

My classmates have little knowledge of the chosen literature topic because few have read the book, I will be giving a speech on. The teacher knows the subject because he specifically assigned me this book.

A6. What is the audience's point of view on the topic?

The chosen topic is feminism in the modern world. There ought to be people who will agree or disagree with my opinions on how feminism is practical and crucial in all civilized societies.

A7. How will the audience likely react to your speech?

Some people may react angrily to the speech, while others will be accommodative of my opinions. The teacher will probably be impressed by the amount of work put in preparing the speech.


P1. What do you want your audience to know?

I want to eliminate all misunderstandings that feminisms solely focus on women's affairs. Feminisms' does advocate for the empowering of women, but it also tries to eliminate harmful gender norms roles that accompany every gender.

P2. What do you want your audience to think?

I want the audience to think that feminism is all about gender fairness and equality across all scopes. I also want my classmates and teacher to observe that my speech was well presented and understandable.

P3. What do you want your audience to feel?

I want my audience to feel like some of their opinions on the topic have been considered in my speech. I also need my audience to feel empowered on the issue shared.

P4. What do you want your audience to do?

I want my audience to air their views on the issue and their feedback on my thesis. I will also want to change some practices in the classroom that promote feminism.


T1. What is the most important message of your speech?

My most important message will be that feminism is all about gender equality and eliminating gender norms. This will establish a less prejudiced society that allows people to accomplish activities based on their merits rather than their gender.

T2. Why should/will your audience care about your message?

My classmates should care about the topic since feminism is becoming more popular in society, and more individuals are identifying themselves as feminists. The current feminist movements are becoming diverse than the past and have become more aware of gender stereotypes and norms.


R1. Are your audience, purpose, and thesis aligned? Why or why not?

My classmates are well aligned on the discussed topic, and the thesis presents will be useful to them. Young people are already on the forefront of eliminating different social movements, including the elimination of certain gender norms and practices.

R2. What did you learn from this experience?

I have learned that feminism comes in different forms, not only advocating for women's rights. I have learned that feminists' movements need the participation of everyone regardless of gender, and there are various ways to address these issues.

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