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Chrysler Automobiles was founded in 1889. The company has been in existence for more than 180 years since it was founded. The company was founded by its 1st CEO, Mr. Giovanni Agnelli, in the town of Turin. The company has progressed over the years and has been able to maintain its dominance in the world. The company is currently referred to as FCA or, Fiat Chrysler Automobiles. Because of its track record, the company has become one of the bestselling car industries in the world. Before its new name, the company had to undergo several names changing for it to develop its new name after merging Fiat S.P.A in the Netherlands in 2014, the company was able to reduce its tax payments and become a profitable company. The company is currently being able to manufacture mass production with the help of its competent managers and workers. Some of the moves that the company has been moving towards its core development is ensuring people understand the business of the company. As more people become aware of the changing environment, so does their need to have better cars that are efficient. Chrysler is facing the challenge that other automotive industries are having. As people look for cars that are fuel efficient, so do the need for manufacturers to meet these demands.

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Chrysler Automobiles Toledo Assembly Plant Body shop SWOT Analysis


Chrysler Automobiles r has a variety of strengths that count as big advantages in the US automotive market, such as the low costs they offer for their cars, which is an attractive thing to customers. Chrysler Automobiles has many customers across the globe, and it is described as an affordable cat for many people around the globe.

Chrysler Automobiles also offers their cars on the secondary market to be sold before their first main maintenance repair, to save money on maintenance. Additionally, it saves more money by offering less / no second-hand cars. To save money on labour, Chrysler Automobiles highlights efficiency among employees, suggesting incentives that are commissions-based on the number of cars made after a certain period. Chrysler Automobiles also obliges that customers can book cars in advance, making it hard to have cars that stay for a long time before they are sold.


Chrysler Automobiles has a poor public perception, as it has faced plenty of criticism for some of its subsidiary fees, its low-rated customer service, and employee relations. It has gained a reputation that its fees surpass other European low-cost cars.

Chrysler Automobiles aims to always cut its costs in any possible way, which ends up leading to have customers, due to either not providing some services or charging extra money for them. In 2002, Chrysler Automobiles refused to provide services that will help disabled people with wheelchairs, and again in the same year, it reneged on an offer that grants an on the same offer to their millionth passenger, which added more to the company's bad reputation of customer service. In addition to that, the company has no means to be contacted by email, which was criticized by the British Parliament in 2006, and was considered to be a lack of service to the customer. Generally, the automotive industry is criticized for deceptive contracts as well as abnormal tax filing practices, like demanding employees for setting up bank accounts in other countries and paying them through those accounts.


Chrysler Automobiles has achieved a growth in Eastern / Northern European market and North America, by operating in these continents since its inception. The automotive can view this as an opportunity for expansion in the market. One expansionary track that Chrysler Automobiles seems to be taking is expanding in the Northern and Eastern Europe market. Not only did the automotive industry open a base in Zadar, Croatia, but it also publicized to add more bases in Eindhoven & Krakow, and released a statement that they are considering adding a new base in Slovakia. Opportunities for growth other than following an expansion plan involve additional cost-cutting strategies or additional subsidiary fees for their cars. Over time, Chrysler Automobiles has suggested techniques like reducing the engine capacity to ensure there is fuel efficiency among the cars.


Competition, uncontrollable factors (eg-fuel costs), and the policies imposed by the automotive regulating bodies of the European Union and North America as a whole form the main threats that Chrysler Automobiles faces. Chrysler Automobiles has surpassed at evolving point-to-point routes in geographical regions with potential equal to other low-cost cars. However, as low-cost cars sustain a gain of market share, as well as full-service cars keep adjusting their performs to be considered as a competitor to low-cost cars, competition for Chrysler Automobiles will naturally increase in its turn. Not only can this increase of competition cause a turn in some of the customer demand from Chrysler Automobiles to other cars, but Chrysler Automobiles buyer power can also face a rough fall. Additionally, the increase of fuel prices in the future will be a threat to Chrysler Automobiles, as well as for almost all of those in the car industry. Instability in oil prices is also considered to be a concern, which is a trend that many forecasters expect to increase over the next decade.

Further uncontrollable factors that act as threats to the new automotive are economic shocks, as well as natural disasters that may stand in the face of the ability of people from a certain region to afford new cars.

Analysis of the organization's leadership

The manager at the company is one of the best leaders that I have come across. The skills that he has gotten from the military and private sector has been essential to the leadership skills. At the core of every successful business is a great leader. Every company needs to have someone who can motivate and inspire employees. Mr. Michael is a manager at Fiat Chrysler Automobiles-Toledo Assembly Plant-Body Shop. It is, therefore paramount to have a leader who can help employees achieve the company's goals while maximizing efficiency in the company.

Additionally, a good leader should be able to have a passion for his work and understand the importance of an employee's engagement. Finally, a good leader should be able to effectively communicate the company goals and policies to ensure the success of the company. A good leader should be able to motivate, inspire, and lead his team to achieve a company's goal.

Effective Communication is a critical component of every business organization. Employees need to understand the company's goals and objectives to be able to achieve the target. A good leader should be able to have good communication skills if he intends to lead his group. A great leader should be able to master all forms of communication from verbal written to one on one. A large part of the conversation involves listening (Ferlie, Lynn, and Pollitt, 2005). A leader should, therefore, ensure there is a clear and open communication either through open door policy or by regular communicating with employees. A leader should also be able to motivate and inspire his employees to do their best. There are many ways of motivating employees from paying them fair wages, building their self-esteem to recognizing and rewarding hard work. A good team leader should be able to know his team and understand what kind of motivation works best for them.

Motivation is critical in any business as it allows the management to meet its goal while ensuring there is increased productivity and innovation. Some employee like working under minimal supervision and pushing themselves to achieve the best. A good leader should, therefore, be able to delegate duties to such employees (Griffin, 2002). A good leader should understand each employee's strong skills and assign them duties according to their capabilities. Delegating duties will not only empower the employees but will also ensure there is an increase in productivity. Additionally, a good leader should be able to create a trusting and positive work environment where employees are not afraid to express themselves. Such kind of environment will create a cordial relationship in the workplace and ensure employees strive to achieve the company goals (Reichard & Thompson, 2016).. It will also make it more likely for employees to want to be at work and therefore reduce employee's turnover.

The Behaviour of a Good Leader

Several behaviors make an individual a great leader and such people good managers. A good leader should be a person who is continuously willing to learn. A good leader should never be satisfied with what he or she knows (Drucker, 2003). Successful leaders spend a lot of time familiarizing themselves with the new business developments. Such leaders understand that consistent learning is the solution to avoiding traps and being able to adapt to changing market conditions. A good leader is also able to see things from other people's perspective. A great executive can take ideas from different quarters and look at it from the company point of view. Such leaders are not selfish and encourage employees to give ideas on different issues. A good leader is also able to see the big picture while making decisions. Such kind of leaders looks at both the short term as well as the long-term effects of their actions (Gujral, 2012). Other behaviours that good leaders have included, the ability to learn from their experiences whether negative or positive. A good leader does not allow a bad experience to stop him but rather learn from it and improves. Additionally, successful leaders often expand their existence and do not believe in the status quo (Drucker and Maciariello, 2008). Such kind of leaders believes in finding a new and innovative way to do business. The ability to view problems as temporary challenges is also a key feature of a good leader. Instead of looking at a challenge as a problem, good leaders concentrate on ways of solving the issue. Great leaders are also able to deal with disapproval effectively. The leaders do not allow rejection to put them down. They view the disapproval or rejection as another man's opinion that does not agree with them and does not take it personally

Work Ethics of a Good Leader

A good leader should have consistency with his or her values if he wants to maintain respect from his followers. A great leader knows what is right and also does the right things. Such kind of leaders are not only ethical, but they inspire others to be like them. People tend to look at what one is doing, and...

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