Postcolonial Theory Questions and Answers Paper Example

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Date:  2022-12-05

Does Said's post-colonial view hold for other ex-colonies?

Yes, countries always seem to define the lens through which the ex-colonies view the people in the countries they colonised. People who were not even in the state at the time also have notions about how these people are.

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Does the Middle East view the West through a similar lens?

Not all of the middle east views the west like that. For some, it is the land where dreams come true, and people can become whoever they want to be.

Is there some truth to these stereotypes?

Yes, there does exist extremists, laws which should be considered outdated and barbaric. However, when the media and governments see one wrong thing, the zoom in on it and exclude every other truth.

Why does the U.S. demonise the Middle East?

It becomes more comfortable for the government to keep the idea that they have an enemy which they have to fight and thus have a military budget twice that of the rest of the world combined.

How is America's experience with Orientalism different than the empires of Europe?

America's experience is different in that there has never been a direct occupation of the Middle East. America's Orientalism is more politicised. The empires of Europe wanted to colonize rather than to understand. America, on the other hand, seeks to know so they can find the best way to dominate and keep dominating.

What was Napoleon's purpose for entering Egypt?

Napoleon did not invade as other families did; he invaded using scientists, biologists and other experts. According to the video, Napoleon wanted to see the different world in ways that the natives themselves couldn't see.

How/why do Arabs allow disinformation to continue in other countries?

There is no information policy in all of the middle eastern countries which would allow them to try and give a different picture of what the middle east is like. The lack of policies is because these dictatorships in need of US patronage lead most countries.

How does the media impact stereotypes of the Middle East?

The idea that only terrorism exists in the middle east is emphasised by journalists who only show of the war and of Hollywood which produces films showing the poor and conflict-torn side of the middle east.

When did the Middle East become a strong opposing force to the U.S.?

After the countries in the middle east began to break off and seek independence from the occupying nations.

Why is Said's work controversial?

Because he poses the differences in the countries and exposes the divide that exists but also offers reasons and defends why those divides exist.

What is the advantage to the US of oversimplifying the Arab world and labelling it as "full of terrorists?"

People then get to see people from the Middle East as less than human, people driven by only one emotion which is anger. This way, America can justify the actions they take in the Middle East, their occupation, their existence of the military after the cold war. They can show that they still have an enemy; there is a threat to the west.

Discourse is a way of producing knowledge - what other ways have the media or Hollywood produced "false" education in America?

By picking up on one wrong thing about the Middle East and Muslim extremists and making it seem like all Muslims and people from the middle east are like that.

Antonio Gramsci wrote about the "traces of history" and the historian's job to compile and interpret those traces - how does this relate to postcolonial theory and the Other?

The task is to give an interpretation of history without distorting the true nature of history. Understanding each other's history should help generalise and avoid playing the role of victim or victor.

What was Said's vision of co-existence?

That jews and Arabs can coexist. That, people, will move away from victimisation and discarding the critical aspects of history. The coexisting can only be possible through vision and creativity.

What were Said's politics and how did they influence his work?

Said had an early introduction into anti-colonial liberation movements which helped propel his work and the development of orientalism and post-colonial theory.

Do you think there is value in his vision?

Yes, Said in his way gives a solution to the effects of racism which is often the cause of wars, national and international. Through coming together, people can learn to accept differences without violence.

How would you define postcolonial theory?

Postcolonial Theory is an approach of analysing literature produces in ex-colonies which are also now colonies of other countries in one way or the other.


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