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Date:  2022-08-04


What is Plagiarism?Plagiarism or the academic dishonesty is one of the great vices that faces the majority of the college students and is committed both deliberately and unintentionally. Different types of plagiarism exist and may include copying directly from the internet without giving credits and paraphrasing other authors' work without acknowledging them both constitutes to this kind of academic dishonesty. Broadly, it may also occur when the students fail to cite their work even if they have the references in their work. There is a growing concern about the rapid increase of the level of plagiarism among the college students in the across the world, including the United States. In most cases, the students commit plagiarism because of laziness to handle their assignment or submitting the works that have been provided by other groups of students as theirs.

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Penalties for Plagiarism

My opinion about the issue of plagiarism is that it should be strongly discouraged through the use of strict academic policies. Establishing proper procedures that permit the award of grade F to any students caught involving themselves in issues of plagiarism is a crucial step towards ending this kind of academic dishonesty Berlinck. However, the implementation of such policies requires that the students better understand what plagiarism means and its broader implications on the educational attainment of the student. With this, the ward of the grade F and consequently compelling the student to repeat the whole assignment would be justifiable. The Wharton County Junior College needs students to avoid plagiarism by all means whether they are writing papers or doing their exams. The college treats taking someone else's ideas or work and ultimately presenting them as yours as academic dishonesty. The college tremendously prohibits this act because the university believes that good academic words must be based on academic honesty. The penalties for plagiarism amounts to a disciplinary action that includes the assignment of the failing grade for a test, course or the homework. Besides, students must is likely to face disciplinary sanction from the college and possible suspension or expulsion from the institution.


Essay Mills and Detection Services

Essay mills also were known as the term paper business refers to various types of business that allow the students to commission original papers on given topics with the aim of committing the academic fraud. Students and educational instructors are actively aware of this kind of academic dishonesty but still end up spending a considerable sum of money to commission papers from third parties. Various essay mills companies exist. For example, is a known essay mill company that allows students to purchase articles and submit it as their own. Despite the recent rise in the essay mills services from the associated companies, teachers should teach the culture of originality among the students As part of the field of research, the originality should be encouraged, but those ideas should be taken from the previous literature that has been conducted by other researchers or authors. The originality should be promoted through the use of various plagiarism detection software such as the Turnitin and the Copyscape.

My Opinions on plagiarism

In my opinion, teachers need to redesign their assignments with the aim of making them plagiarism proof. A fundamental way of achieving this is through ensuring that the methodology of output is not the same as that of input. This implies that students should be able to transform their learnings into the new medium. For example, if the students are researching about the renewable energy, the teacher should not ask them to write the report about the same, but rather a public announcement of the same. Through this technique, learners will be able to use their critical and creative skills to develop and nurture their paraphrasing abilities, thereby avoiding plagiarism. In reality, there is no any other way of tackling the issue of plagiarism among college students other than handing out stiff penalties on those who offend the stipulated policies. Such strict policies tremendously help to discourage the dishonesty among our future scholars. However, institutions must make proper considerations on what constitutes plagiarism by extension based on the fact that there are usually numerous cases of mistakes that end up subjecting students to hefty fines. To avoid plagiarism, the students must make sure that they acknowledge their sources even upon paraphrasing the original ideas from the materials on the internet.

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