Physical Education and Students Paper Example

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Date:  2022-09-22


Physical activity helps the students to have a healthy brain that can function properly. The cells of the brain function well when there is adequate oxygen getting into the brain at all times. This oxygen can only reach the brain through blood flow. Physical education helps in the flow of blood to the brain.

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(Kohl III et al., 1) says that physical education contributes massively to intellectual development which makes the students be able to think very fast. They are able to perceive and judge things accurately building a stronger Intelligence Quotient (IQ).

This physical education leads to proper functioning of the body and development of all vital organs together with the organ systems. These include the nervous, circulatory, cardiovascular, respiratory systems among others. It means that the child that is not fully engaged in the physical education can develop disorders in the development of these systems (Bidzan-Bluma et al, 2).

What can parents and teachers do to promote physical education outside of class.

The teachers must put in the school curriculum ant timetable time for physical education in schools. This is put mandatory and all students must be made to acquire the school games kits. Once this time reaches in the timetable, the students must be made to go to the field to play.

Schools must have playing grounds. Physical education requires a fairly large physical space in the school compound that the students can use. This alone makes so many students have the feeling that they need to do some exercise during breaks and so on and so forth.

The teachers who are professionals can use forums like academic clinics, parent's day and annual general meetings to engage parents on the importance of physical education but at the same time emphasizing that it should not be overdone especially when the students are at home.

The students can as well be taught in schools by their teachers on how important it is to do physical activities and that students should make it be a duty to do the same on a daily basis but only during physical education time. They should do it with passion just like one would read or do the manual work. Many individuals respond well to the activities they know their importance and students may not be different.

Teachers can come up with prizes to motivate the students who respond well, who have discipline on the pitch and those who are the best in physical education just to help them do much more during the physical education time. For students, they participate in activities that have got prizes at the end.

According to (Faber et al., 3), Parents and teachers can acquire equipment and facilities for the students that can help them during these physical activities. There are so many of these with examples being balls, swimming pools, bicycles, costumes, sports shoes etc. At home, the parents can help the students by helping them organize timetables and insert time for physical activities among others.

Physical education club for kids (Swimming pool)


The design of the swimming pool for kids that I would go for is one that is simple has got a flat bottom keeping in mind that we are dealing with kids. Besides, it should be fairly shallow. There must be the right quantity of water that is regularly treated. Boys must have their own and girls also their own.

Swimming pool helps the children have a good weight, muscles that are strong, a healthy nervous system, a healthy heart and other vital organs like the brain etc.


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