Pharmacotherapy for Respiratory Disorder Essay

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Date:  2022-08-04


COPD a scientific abbreviation for a chronic obstructive pulmonary disease denotes a clinical syndrome that affects the proper airflow (Martinez et al., 2015). Chronic bronchitis is the longest-recognized COPD that is mostly known with a defined cough, production of sputum for at least three months every year. The output of sputum can take place for two years.

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Drugs to be Administered

An individual with chronic bronchitis can be administered with a bronchodilator. It is an inhaled aerosol that helps in relieving the symptoms of the condition through relaxing and opening an individual's thoracic air passages which are found lungs (Martinez et al., 2015). Secondly, steroids which are inhalable can be administered to a patient as a way of relieving the patient of the symptoms of chronic bronchitis. The third drug that an individual can take is oxygen therapy for patients who experience extreme difficulties in breathing. Surgery can be the last option if the patient's lung volume has been reduced through damaged tissue (Rosenberg & Kalhan, 2016). Flu shot vaccine can be an option for patients who demonstrate to be having extreme chronic bronchitis (Kim & Criner, 2013). The shot is mostly administered every five to seven years as a way of preventing further infections. Corticosteroids can be used to reduce inflammations in the body thus making air to flow smoothly to the lungs. According to Rosenberg and Kalhan (2016), medication can include long-acting bronchodilators like aclidinium, indacaterol, tiotropium, umeclidinium, and many others.

Side effects of the Drugs

Inhaled steroids can cause weakening of bones, high blood pressure, diabetes, and cataracts. The side effects of long-acting bronchodilators include scratchy throat, runny nose, dizziness, tremors and dry mouth (Rosenberg & Kalhan, 2016). Additionally, rapid heart rate, blurry vision and an allergic reaction that is accompanied by swelling and rashes might be experienced.

How to Reduce Side Effects?

Making a lifestyle change can be the best way of reducing the frequency of taking the drugs. The use of a humidifier can also help in improving lung health (Kim & Criner, 2013). The best way to reduce the side effects is through physician's advice on the best drug to take according to the patient's immunity and reactions.


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