Personality and Genetics

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Date:  2021-03-08

Genes are believed to pay an important role in determining the key personalities in an individual. Notably, some of these characters include the ability of an individual to learn in different environments since social skills are also quite critical as they enable an individual to interact and adapt to new environment and challenges that might come along in any situation. However, people must also take note and consider our way of upbringing and the environments where we thrive in.

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Findings from various researches that have been conducted to determine the relationship between genes and personality tends to fully contradict with what most psychologists tend to believe in (Alessandro, Calati , Ferrari & De, 153). For instance, most of the psychologists tend to believe that the environment in which an individual is brought up in shapes their personalities other than their genetics. To some extent, I tend to believe that this is true because we tend to behave from what we have seen, observed and adopted from those whom we interact within a day-to-day life within our environments.

Researchers from Edinburg University conducted a research in 800 pairs of twins to determine the relationship between personality and genetics. It was established that most of these twins share the same genes as well as the upbringing. However, it was established that only identical twins share the same personalities. The reason behind this is that they share their genes in 100%.

Further, the research revealed that genetics largely influence individual's sense of self-control. This is directly affected and influenced by their upbringing and their respective environments. Secondly, it affects their social and learning abilities which tend to instill some sense of purpose in them.

In the early years, the relationship between genetics and personality was achieved through a close and exclusive examination of reports on personalities that were conducted on both fraternal and identical twins. It is believed that fraternal twins share at least 50% of their genes. On the other hand, identical twins share almost 100% of their genes. It was established that there is some sense of consistency in their personalities resulting from the genes.

Researchers have established that heritability estimates and approves that there is a close link between genetics and personality. This can be proven by the identical twins who share their personalities based on their genes (Lillehammer, Peter & Martin, 2-8). However, all other factors such as their upbringing and environments are held constant. Hence, this is a clear suggestion that genetics highly influence the personality of an individual.

Finally, some researchers suggest that we clearly do not have genes for personality. This is from the researches that have been conducted by various research scientists especially in the United States of America. For instance, the US government has invested billions in research to determine some of these trends such as the relationship between genetics and personality traits in individuals. I tend to believe that there might be a relationship or not between these two. In one way, research shows some similarities in personality between identical twins. However, we must consider other factors that may influence our personalities such as our upbringing, and the people around us. However, the question remains whether we are missing anything that is yet to be uncovered that will help us relate and discover the relationship between genetics and personality.

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