Application Sample on Healthcare-Associated Infections: A Risk for Healthcare Providers & Patients

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Date:  2023-09-25


Drawing from research and personal experience, it is consensual that healthcare-associated infections are a rampant healthcare issue. As a healthcare professional, I severally acquired infections from my place of work. Such infections present severe health conditions for healthcare providers and patients and are play a causative role in inadequate health care services and a rise in the cost of healthcare services. In the phlebotomist and nursing assistant roles, for example, the risk of infection is two-fold, considering the higher level of exposure to body fluids and blood. The alarming rate of healthcare-associated infections is partly due to non-compliance to standard precautions in most medical institutions. I have observed that while most healthcare professionals are aware of standard precaution measures like hand washing and using personal protective equipment, they often ignore these basic but vital measures. Other observed inadequacies are in regards to use and disposal of gloves, hand hygiene before and after patient contact, use of face mask, eye protection and needle safety measures. Healthcare-associated infections remain the most rampant issue in the healthcare delivery system owing to non-compliance to standard precaution measures.

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Failure to conform to standard precaution measures poses imminent threats to health care practitioners, patients, and the health care delivery system at large. This culture of non-conforming to precaution standard measures is a result of ignorance or arrogance, inadequate training, work overload, forgetfulness, lack of managerial support, and limited resources. Additionally, I’ve observed that certain socio-demographic factors like age, job experience, job category, gender, and marital status have a considerable effect on compliance with precaution measures. It is, therefore, vital to make much-needed intervention to encourage increased compliance with these measures to address consequential outcomes like infections.

In What Way(S) Do You Envision Your Entry Into the Nursing Profession Could Help Address this Issue?

As a nurse, I intend to influence others and transform the culture of non-conforming by leading by example. My ambition is to inspire others’ willingness to conform to standard precaution measures as a strategy for holistic health care. Most times, health care workers intentionally ignore standards for safety, and it’s because their colleagues and even those in supervisorial and managerial positions set the trend. I intend to foster change by conforming to standard practices and providing reliable feedback regarding existing strategies. My ambition is to adhere to all the recommended procedures, practices or standards and provide useful feedback, intending to act as a role model for my colleagues in my faculty in the hope they will follow suit and do the same and effect the much needed cultural change in the health care setting overall.

I intend to take advantage of advocacy platforms for nurses to advocate for more government and managerial support and bottom-top involvement in the establishment of relevant standards. Entry into the nursing profession will allow me to advocate for government and managerial support in regards to the provision of resources and facilitating training programs essential to the safety of health care providers. Additionally, a nursing role will unlock potential for involvement in vital processes such as decision making, placing me in an ideal position to advocate for issues related to the safety of health care workers. Most importantly, being a nurse presents me the opportunity to advocate for issues from an informed point of view. This course is the fundamental step towards unlocking the doors much-needed change in the healthcare setting, in regards to conformity with standard safety practices.

Personal Statement

Nurses are critically important in the healthcare field. Most importantly, without their hard work, dedication and compassion, the healthcare system could crash. As a nursing assistant and a phlebotomist for almost two decades, I have directly observed nurses executing their roles. I have realized that I possess a similar compassion and drive to be a successful nurse. The nursing field has appealed me because it involves a holistic approach to healing. My passion for the nursing profession traces back to my early childhood years as I aspired to become a professional nurse.

I am seeking for the Acceleration Bachelor of Nursing at MGH Institute of Health Professions because I believe I possess the qualifications of becoming a great student nurse at the nursing program. I profoundly hope to pursue my deep desire for nursing and to expand my knowledge to help people improve their health. My desire is to bridge my knowledge gap between what I have now and what I aspire to acquire in the future.

I choose MGH Institute of Health Professions because it has the resources and capacity to hone my abilities to become not just a successful nurse, but a future nurse who exudes confidence in treating her patient with the right amount of love, care and knowledge. I am very much inspired by many individuals like me to achieve their goals by becoming great nurses around the world. I have conversed with many former students from MGH Institute of Health Professions who have persuaded me to submit my application to the nursing program because of the school’s high reputation.

Current Career and the Reason for Transition

I have worked in many hospitals and I am currently employed at Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston, Massachusetts as a full-time employee. The experience that I possess has helped me gain a wealth of information as well as experience in the healthcare profession. I have acquired unique professional skills while working with diverse teams that will enable me to become a successful registered nurse. I have observed nurses demonstrate how competent and vital it is to make someone feel better holistically. Even though I have had an early call to be a registered nurse, as I started to work with the nursing team at Brigham and Women Hospital, I have been inspired more to follow similar footsteps. Every time I go to work, I observe how compassionate and loving nurses are with patients and families. As a resulted, I have developed a passion for caring for patients, and I now crave to take this step further by pursuing a career in nursing.

In addition, as the first person in my family to venture in this direction, I would be an excellent resource, pacesetter, and an example worthy of emulation. I am a mother of three girls and one boy. I want to acquire the necessary knowledge and skills to keep them in a better state of health. So far, though, I have had many satisfactions from them, and I am proud of that. One of my former patients was significantly impressed with my care that she told my nurse manager, “Nadege is absolutely the best PCA I have ever had. She is wonderful. The care she gave me made me feel like I was at a spa – she was so attentive. She even washed my hair with water and shampoo. I felt clean, refreshed and so relaxed after she was done.” My nurse manager was quick to commend me. She mentioned, “The care you give to our patients makes all the difference. You are a wonderful example of extraordinary care, compassion, and love.” I believe these compliments show that I answer the deep call in me to help those in need. I feel that it is my obligation to explore this avenue and do what I can to serve my purpose in greater magnitude.

Handling the Demands of an Accelerated Program

Understandably, studying as a full-time nursing student for the BSN program is very demanding. One needs to master the determination for achievement; and while the demands for the program would be high as well as the expectations, I believe that I have the willingness, commitment, and the ability to ensure that I successfully undertake my course to completion without failure. Moreover, as an employee at Brigham and Women’s Hospital, I plan to work only eight to twelve hours a week so I can devote more time to my studies. I consider myself blessed as well to have my husband, and my four great friends who are willing to do the most they could to help me out with the children and support my endeavor.


It is ultimate belief that based on the qualities that I have such as empathy and commitment, along with the knowledge that I have gained as a nursing assistant and a phlebotomist I would be a great nursing student with the potential to succeed in the field and provide exceptional service. I will work to promote health, help patients heal or cope with illness, and deliver quality care for my patients, families, and community. I always feel that I have a duty to ensure that my patients are satisfied with the care they receive from me. I always welcome feedback so I can continually work on improving the service I provide for my patients.

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