Personal Statement on GPR Internship Program

Paper Type:  Personal statement
Pages:  3
Wordcount:  750 Words
Date:  2022-07-08

Growing up, I always visualized my mother as one of the strongest people I have ever known. With my father not being around much, she took care of everything at home, handled every challenging moment unshakably and as such, she was my rock. One day I came home from school, as usual, not knowing that this perception would change. I was six years and never had I witnessed my mother cry or rather thought that she could. She was on her knees when I opened the door sobbing profusely. I rushed to her scared and broke into tears too. Both of her hands were placed on her swollen cheeks, and it turns out that there were tooth decay and cavities in two of her molars. It was a sad moment for me to see my mother in such a state but this experience changed my life. From then I wanted to know more about the teeth, gums, periodontal diseases and how they occur. When I grew older, the passion and determination heightened, and that was the beginning of my successful dentist career.

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There is nothing more amazing than doing something that you are passionate about. Everything comes with ease, hard work is not forced and the practical part of it is the best. This relates to my experiences in dental school and clinics that I have once worked as a volunteer at Princess Margaret hospital and Bethune College. Associating with patients in hospitals, I have learned about the essence of care, compassion and creating trust in the patient-dentist relationship. Reassurance and calm bearing often have positive impacts on a patient. I want to be competent in dental surgery, and as such, I intend to predominantly concentrate on possessing excellent dental skills and acting in service of the community.

I aim at conducting an extensive exploration in various areas, learning more about the best applicable methods of treating teeth problems thus improving my skills. The knowledge acquired from these studies will help boost my skills thus making me competent in the industry. Applying acquired knowledge in the treatment of a patient is such an exhilaration, and it acts as a motivation to continue further studies. One of the reasons that led me in this profession is helping others. There is a certain satisfaction that comes after attending to a patient in pain and seeing them calm and relieved. This is compassion for others, and it is what enables me to cater for their needs joyfully and desire to serve the community. I plan to give back to the community by assisting in the provision of food and shelter to the poor..

The GPR program is an opportunity for me to become more knowledgeable and competent in my profession. This will happen by investigating different fields and applying the acquired knowledge to my patients later. It is a chance of growth that will help me distinguishable in the dentistry profession and act as the drive to give back to the community. I intend to give back to the community by assisting in the provision of food and shelter to the poor. Volunteering more to the underprivileged groups is a way of reaching out to the disadvantaged people, an action that will help me reach out to more individuals.

GPR Internship program depicts qualities that align with my goals and offers experiences favourable to the pursuit of my interest. For, instance, the GPR provides a wide range of opportunities implying that it would be difficult for me to miss a dentistry internship spot. Moreover, it provides Registered Dentistry supervised practice experience to the novice undergraduates and graduates. While I am attracted to the range of rotations, I feel a certain affinity for weeks to be spent in the GPR program. Understanding teeth management in a diversity of settings offers a strong foundation to nurture the skill in future. I would be inspired by the quick enthusiastic environment at GPR program and it would never stop to offer inspiration and career growth.


By possessing competence in the selection criteria, I am destined for success in the GPR Internship program. I look ahead to the future of my dietetics journey with great enthusiasm, strong commitment, and a spirit to advance my training on the level required by your program. I believe that the interest, skills, and experience will bring more outcomes in a mutual benefit relationship. It is my wish that my internship application will be reconsidered. Thank you for your time and consideration.

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