Personal Statement on Engineering Education

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Date:  2022-11-19


Engineering courses are becoming increasingly significant due to the increased growth experienced across the globe. Through research, engineering professionals can create a learning environment that offers students in the various engineering fields' information helpful in improving their theoretical and technical knowledge and skills. After working as a lecturer and later an associate professor at various Electronics and Communication Engineering Departments, I grew unique understanding and interest in different engineering fields such as ICT based learning, Expert Vs Novice analysis, Design Thinking and learning, SoC (System-on-Chip), AMBA (Advanced Microprocessor Bus Architecture), Neural Networks, IoT and Embedded systems. I believe that through my research, I will influence and attract more students to study and actively engage in engineering-related activities thus consequently promoting global technological and infrastructural development.

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ICT for Personal, Professional and Business Growth

Due to the adoption of technology by most individuals and organizations (facilitated by the current rapid technological advancement), I found ICT based learning a valuable area of interest. ICT in education institutions promotes the use of technology to enhance, optimize and support easy access to information for the students. Through my research and teaching practices, I focus on identifying the various ways through which engineering students easily access information needed to achieve their personal and professional growth. In-depth research will provide the sector with necessary information that will help in the development of electronics and communication systems that continuously improve the student's capability to access useful information and apply it in their studies and professional activities.

Internet of Things and Embedded Systems

Wan et al. (2016) explained that every modern electronic component uses embedded systems to improve its efficiency. The increased development of the internet of things has encouraged most organizations to incorporate embedded systems and IoT to enhance productivity, convenience and efficiency. Embedded systems are used in various devices and technologies such as networking hardware such as mobile phones, modems and switches. They are also used in Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) systems, to automate and control lights in wireless home automation as well as security and audio/visual systems. Through interactions with students throughout my professional, I have realized the student's enthusiasm and appreciation of these developments. Therefore, I believe that the engineering education program will enable my increased understanding of these fields of interests and provide substantial input that will promote making of engineering professionals who understands the diverse needs of the industry and possess the right skills to develop technologies that satisfy these needs.

Future Plans

My primary teaching areas of interest include mathematics, physics, Quantitative Aptitude and Logical Reasoning. As a professor, I have had opportunities to supervise students in their research projects thus identifying the above-discussed topics as common among modern day engineering students. Therefore, in my future work, I intend to conduct in-depth research on these issues and collaborate with other practising professionals in these fields. I believe this way I will be able to create increased resources for engineering students across the world thus promoting the industry.


Wan, J, Tang, S, Shu, Z, Li, D, Wang, S, Imran, M and Vasilakos, A, 2016,'Software-defined industrial internet of things in the context of industry 4.0', IEEE Sensors Journal, Vol. 16 No. 20, pp.7373-7380.

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