Personal Statement on Admission to the Business School

Paper Type:  Personal statement
Pages:  3
Wordcount:  572 Words
Date:  2022-11-08


MBA degree is hard to earn for the fact that it requires theoretical and practical graduate training. It, therefore, requires self-determination and hard work for a dream to come true. After my completion of the MBA, I have short and long term goals which will make me achieve my dreams. Master's in Business Administration is a career that has a level up than undergraduate courses and therefore, it provides leeway for different opportunities. My short term goals are typical to help scholars understand management, marketing, finance, accounting, and business law. Consequently, my long term goals culminate from expertise to self-employment and management. MBA from NC State's Jenkins Graduate School will provide the best form of knowledge and expertise thus goals achievement.

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I have many accomplishments in small-businesses and organizational businesses. I achieved this after completing my first undergraduate degree. I opened businesses which have great importance and impact not only to me but other people in the corporate world. With two years in business, I have a vast experience in leadership, planning, and knowledge on the best businesses strategies which can assist me to achieve my goals after the completion of MBA career. Consequently, the credentials and qualifications of the MBA ensure professional experience thereby affording enough skills for leadership development. MBA provides a forum and time for night and weekend training hence making it easier to balance between schooling and business because of all the two counts.

My long term goals are to improve leadership skills, develop a career plan, and a stratified efficiency rate to complete my projects. MBA will assist me to gain management experience and skills such as communication skills which are important in the management of any project especially when dealing with people. Similarly, short and long term goals run with the objectives of the business or company that requires the management of the project. The understanding of the best strategy is what creates a good business profitable to both the product users and the owner. My biggest passion in life is to demonstrate expertise skills that match with all the daunting responsibilities in the administrative field.

MBA from NC State's Jenkins Graduate School will help me achieve my goals by the provision of opportunities which will open a door to my dreams. By gaining management experience, it will be easy to administer my projects and also achieve my ultimate goals. In a period of five years, I will achieve my long term long of opening a sports firm through the expertise and knowledge from NC State's Jenkins Graduate School. This project will bear responsibilities such as corporate accountability and ideas to the community hence proving different opportunities to the people. Similarly, the project can allow students and community member to develop interest and concentration to the corporate world in the area such as information technology. This will ensure that my long term and short term goals are achieved since they had to focus on providing opportunities to the people.


This education is thus of great importance to my career goals for the fact there are many activities that can be accomplished through this MBA. Therefore, it is explicit that above gaining a degree from the business school there is also a need to transform the community in not only business administration but also proving them with opportunities. Finally, I am willing to stay active in your college and I can be an asset too.

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