Personal Statement for UCAS Paper Example

Paper Type:  Personal statement
Pages:  3
Wordcount:  583 Words
Date:  2022-10-23

Having been born and raised in a poor community, I feel that the opportunity to study in UCAS in a breakthrough in my bid to be useful and make an impact in the society. I have travelled widely around the world. My travelling has not just given me an international outlook of economic and business issues, but has arisen a deep desire to understand the issues. I have been to Canada and seen affluence and also travelled to parts of Africa and witnessed extreme levels of poverty. Such big economic divide explains my desire to gain some understanding of economic forces that run the world and the reason why such big inequalities exist in the 21st century.

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During summer holidays, I took my time to study the sub-Sahara African countries economic progress, or lack of it. I was particularly fascinated by the laggish growth of the economy, especially compared to the exponential economic growth in the Indian neighborhood. Another part of Business, Economic and Accounting that I am deeply interested in is the use of theories and financial figures to explain different real life scenarios. My interest in academic English and Foundation has been boosted by the diverse nature of realities in different countries. Notably, most countries in the world have embraced English as officially language of communication.

I have received several awards relating to my expertise in both Economics and Accounting. One such reward motivated me to take Economics in advanced level. My apt problem saving skills prepares me adequately for the task ahead. I look forward to gaining more knowledge in areas of finance management, entrepreneurship and financial accounting and reporting. Cognizant of the problematic controlled experiments can be in real life situation, I look forward to learning a wide range of research and statistical tools available in my course. I love football and hockey and I believe the university will offer me a good opportunity to enjoy my hobby as I drive my academic agenda.

At the moment, I am engaging in home tutoring students in Mathematics, accounting and Economics. I have taught several adults how to use various computer applications adding to the depth of their knowledge. My interaction with both young and old students has cultivated the virtue foe patience, planning and clarity in presenting my work. In addition, I have worked in my parent clothes shop, where I have assisted in general book keeping and filling tax returns. I have also help in social media advertising and crafting graphical materials to popularize my parent's business. While in it, I have noticed how the forces of demand and supply, among other economic factors such as customers' taste and preferences, after sales services etc) affect business growth.


Overall, the ongoing economic development and turmoil has gone a long way in enhancing my conviction on the important role that economic plays in shaping our lives. With that, enrolling in a University will offer a good platform to test and strengthen my ability to understand and decipher various economic, business and accounting issues. Similarly, I will get an opportunity to structure and develop my theories to add to the knowledge base in the subject area. Given my excellent academic performance in the past, I have set the bar really high, and no doubt intend to continue my vision in the field of foundation and economics. While I know for sure there will be challenges along the way, I recognize that this course will open mega opportunities for my career progression.

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