Personal Statement for Nursing Application Paper Example

Paper Type:  Personal statement
Pages:  3
Wordcount:  668 Words
Date:  2022-09-06

Nursing has been a top career for me since my childhood. This profession has many challenges because a nurse is always in contact with sick people and their family members who need help, thus should always be skilled in solving problems in their day to day life. I came face to face with patient care problems when I accompanied my sick cousin to a local hospital. The patient experience in this facility was inadequate because the patients acted out in a way that gentle people would not. When our turn to see the doctor came, the nurse in charge kept my cousin out of the loop on the knowledge of his health, the procures, and the processes that she was supposed to go through to enable her recover from the illness. This experience motivated me to become a nurse one to help my patients manoeuvre this.

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Also, the nurse did not introduce himself to the patient hence there was no therapeutic interaction between them. The nurse was uninviting to patient's concerns, devoid of patient safety, and proper communication. Another problem that we encountered was the language barrier between the nurse and the patient. The nurse used a hospital-speak language that neither the patient nor I could comprehend and had no clue of what he was talking about. Coupled with the problems above, I had a concern about medical errors that some patients have encountered and was afraid that my cousin was going to go through a misdiagnosis, unnecessary tests, or get a wrong medication. We became irritated and vocalized our frustrations.

The experience that my cousin underwent in this facility has had an impact in my life. The vulnerability of my cousin and other patients has led me to develop a personal interest to study nursing so that it can offer assistance to patients in such a situation. I have been motivated to create a strong interpersonal and communication skills to keep the family and the patient updated about the medical progress. I believe these unique diversities will help me put my creative skills and interest in nursing to test in the individualization of patient care as I further my studies.

One strength that I have gained is a passionate sense of responsibility and enthusiasm while dealing with a person who needs help thus makes me happy when one makes a remarkable progress. The experience has instilled in me the urge to help people, and I believe that I will get a broad, in-depth, and comprehensive training in a medical school that will allow me to serve patients with diligence, show a high degree of responsibility, professional respect, and independence.

Furthermore, the patient care problems that my cousin underwent has impacted on my desire to join nursing because I have gained experience, motivation, and dedication to be a nurse in future. As a result of the contact with the nurse and critically ill patients, I have gained self-confidence on how to give patients good care and monitor their condition with extreme caution. My interest in this field is to offer a long service as a certified nurse, serve humanity, and strive to make significant contributions in the field of nursing while taking full benefits of the opportunities presented by the program. Lastly, my fundamental interest in nursing makes me a suitable candidate since my background in problem-solving gives me the necessary skills and effective communication with patients and their family members. This experience makes me to significantly contribute to the community through my knowledge and expertise in problem-solving.


The steps that I took to identify the solution for this problem was having effective communication with the offended patient and the family members. I listened to the complaints of the patients and acknowledged the uncomfortable situation which made a tremendous difference. Through effective communication, I was able to have an offended patient on my side by listening keenly to the concerns they had despite how they appeared to me. I, therefore, offer my candidature for the nursing program.

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