Personal Statement: Engineering

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Date:  2021-03-02

My aspiration has always been to be the best presentable engineer who would not only gain the admiration of making people solve their problems, but also advance the knowledge and skills. Having had different professional skills in the field of engineering, I am motivated to make a step forward and be able to achieve more. The achievement would be to do a master's degree in naval engineering. I have undertaken significant training that would equip me with an added advantage once I venture into the goal of doing the career. My profession goes as much as obtaining depth knowledge in the mechanical engineering methodologies that gave me a lot of skills that can help me attain the project objectives.

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I have also gained the know-how to plan, coordinate and execute a successful mechanical design that would help engineer different projects throughout entire projects. My professional experience has been an excellent experience since I have an outstanding ability to gather and translate complex and technical requirements into their practical, reliable, cost-effective projects. Concerning the skills that I have successfully acquired and which can be useful in the undertaking of the program, I have managed to be competent in the establishment of the engineering priorities, participation in the cross-functional terms and being able to contribute to timely complex marine or mechanical engineering projects.

I am a graduate of American University in Cairo where I did a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering. In essence, I have managed to get different awards for the best project and group performance. I got the 1st place in the Procter and Gambler thesis competition and other awards that I was able to get through my hard work. The achievements that I got included Deans list for academic achievement (fall 2011), CFO of Mechanical Engineering Club (fall 2010) and also, I was a member of the Solar Decathlon Competition Team (spring 2012). During my ongoing training in the University, I happened to gain a lot of experience in different fields and activity. I have been responsible for on-site activities of the order of remittance projects to achieve customer satisfaction through the site management and the quality installation. I was also responsible for setting accurate delivery, installation and clinical application key dates and coordination field operation until handover. I have been accepted for the position of the Generic Electrical, and I am waiting for the job offer that will be starting at the beginning of 2016.

I have gained a lot of experience though due to involvement in different activities like performing cost analysis, planning and coordinating various aspects of the projects which included Gantt charts, resource tracking and handling sub-contractors. I was given the tasks, and I handled them well. The results were expected in the form of report submission that could monitor the project performance thus ensuring that detailed engineering work was done. I coordinated with the supply chain department to expedite procurement management cycle conducted technical evaluations for the price quotations, coordination with agents and shipbrokers to arrange for the vessels inspection and possible purchase. Lastly, I have been in the activity of coordinating with the naval shipyards to make a conversion for an oil tanker to an FSPO.

I am competent computer literate with knowledge of python programming, MATLAB software, ANSYS software, Solid Works CAD software and Windows and Microsoft Office. I am equipped with different language skills like English and Arabic. I have acquired various certifications that assert to my quality experience and competence. Among them are a Certificate in Fundamental of Engineering, Solidworks Professional Simulation, Business Psychology and Human Behavior Certification. The certificates have been achieved in different fields to act as a proof of my diligence and honesty in the undertaking of my career. I have a passion for fulfilling my dreams and pursuing what I have been aiming at since childhood. My passion for helping others solve their problems had driven me into doing a bachelor of science in mechanical engineer. I believe that I need more skills and knowledge to expand the way and approach of solving engineering demise. The opportunity to study Master's will not only improve my skills by also give me a clear idea of the issues surrounding our society that could be made better through engineering.

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