Personal Nursing Philosophy

Date:  2021-03-24 10:30:56
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Nursing philosophy is a general outlook on the way nurses should view their career, their patients and their coworkers. Personal nursing philosophy can be described as an attitude towards life and reality that surrounds a nurses beliefs. It is important to understand different people have different approaches to life. In my personal perspective of nursing philosophy, I see nursing as a moral practice that seeks restoration of the health of others. In my view nursing goes beyond the care for other people; it transcends towards the patient's friends and family, my relationship with my co-workers and my environment. The incorporation of cognitive skills, people skills and time management skills are important in the embodiment of a perfect nurse ("Nursing Philosophy", 2010). Below is an outlook of my nursing philosophy that transcends towards my personal beliefs, patients, nursing and the environment.

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In nursing practice people are everything. I view patients as complex beings with independent mindsets and unique abilities who have been befallen by a disease or complication. In this regard, I appreciate patients for who they are; I respect their opinions, and I always adhere to their requests and complaints. In any case, I always believe that patients understand themselves much better than I understand them. Usually, I put my patients as my top priority during my practice. Co-workers, student nurses, and doctors are another groups of individuals who I regard with utmost respect. I always strive to establish a meaningful connection with this group of individuals; mutual respect and humility are values that I put in place in such encounters. The admiration of different individuals and their talents enables me to learn from them.

When it comes to community health, I believe in empowering the people. I always engage in communal projects that aim at giving nursing skills to community members in order to empower them on healthcare management. The same applies to the environments in which patient care occurs, as Nightingale said, it is the role of a nurse to put the patient in the best condition upon which nature can act upon them. I always ensure that I am able to teach the patients family on healthcare management such as healthy practices for the home. I also ensure that my patients are kept in a clean and safe environment where healing and recovery can take place in tranquility.

Nursing as a practice is entangled in care giving, study of the illness progression and termination of illnesses. Nursing involves facilitating, giving support and assisting people, their families and the community in a bid to enhance recovery and elimination of illness. Having this in mind, I know that nursing is a collective action where a common goal is shared. Taking the above-mentioned perspective, I always strive to be much more competent through acquiring knowledge and skills in order to improve my proficiency in care giving. Self-improvement is a key policy in my nursing philosophy ("Personal & Professional Philosophy of Nursing - Brandi Dahlin", 2016).

In a bid to fully execute my personal nursing philosophy I have been able to find ways of changing my attitude and how I handle relationships with people. All this is in a bid to foster the wellbeing and the dignity of individuals directed towards me for care giving. I always ensure that I give my patients the best care ever and this is also shared to the family members, co-workers, and the community.


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