Peer Evaluation Assessment of Self-directed Cars Project

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Date:  2021-03-29

All required sections were included except the conclusion. The project has a title which is Technology, Society, and Culture. It has a thesis, an introduction, body but no conclusion. All the sections were clearly distinguished from each other in an organized manner since there is no mixing up of information. In the text, the citation was used though very minimal and was well-formatted. Also, primary sources were used as well as our textbook sources and were formatted in an appropriate way. (Acharya, 2014). My teammates too adhered to the length requirements. The paper has a thesis and an introduction. The argument is not very clear as the student seem to have had trouble in coming up as it is very short though has tried to relate it to the entire project. The thesis is self-driving cars should go through dynamic testing so as to ensure that victims are not brought up by automated vision sanity. Self-driving cars are our prospect way of manipulating the roads as we will be sitting back in a traveler seat and take pleasure in the journey while pre-occupying our time with additional things like for instance staying on social media. These thoughts of self-directed cars continue being uncertain from anyone. Some perquisites may be optimistic and unenthusiastic depending on what point of view laid out. Self-directed cars travel the roads by interpretation of pictures and GPS readings from below the asphalt road. Our GPS plans work presently but are likely to perk up and turn out to be more highly developed. In 1953, RCA Labs came up a small car that would rove the roads although used a laboratory floor. Wires were laid out in certain patterns that the car would follow and this irked the attention of traffic engineers who would fix wiring into public roads for upcoming experimentation. In 1958 a complete range form was developed by RCA which exploited the routes under the road that could propel gestures to the navigation and breaks of the automobile. In 1995, Carnegie Mellon University established a semi-independent automobile that was 98.2% mechanically controlled, and a human-controlled the choke and breaks for security reasons. The automobile was the first automobile that moved around the country over 3,100 miles. They used a system in their journey known as No Hands Across America that used pictures of the regions that the car was heading to find out the roads and topography. In 2011, Carnegie Mellon University developed a self-directed Cadillac and in 2014 concrete congressman traversed on it. In 2016, Volvo has turned up with two diverse forms that will be experimented in China and London. (Brewster, 2016).

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Socially, the self-directed car can be very controversial as people often like or disagree with the idea. There are a lot of enthusiasts that likes of the thought of getting from a particular point to another without actually driving themselves. Culturally, most nations around the globe are about 50% utilizing know-how, and those that are ranked at the pinnacle are those that are operating towards the prospect of the driverless automobile. Economically, lots of corporations are already spending millions interested in the perception of the driver-less auto. There are several trades and industry intensification opportunities for various machinery firms. Civilization comprises all human beings around the globe and the personality to be empathetic as well as kind. Self-directed cars will pass through our roads as regards technology which is entrenched in our roads, telephones plus airspace. With a driverless automobile, there is a query if the automaton would see the significance of creatures or not. There are two different states of affairs where the computerized car will have to promptly consider which being to put aside on the occasion of a catastrophe. Some quantitative reasoning was used and it based on the thesis. (Vlasic & Boudette, 2016). The paper did not have a conclusion but had a work cited page included though well-formatted it was not alphabetically arranged. Writing skills was excellent as when it comes to grammar, spellings, clarity of expression, punctuation and sentence structure was perfectly done only that it had few insignificant errors.


Acharya, A. (2014). Are We Ready for Driver-less Vehicles? Security vs Privacy- A SocialPerspective.

Brewster, S. (2016). Uber starts self-driving car pickups in Pittsburgh. Retrieved from, B. and Boudette, N. (2016). Self-Driving Tesla Was Involved in Fatal Crash, U.S. Says. Retrieved from

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