Parental Care Essay Example

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Date:  2022-07-07

Parental care is challenging but still interesting. Some parents are too addicted to their children that they feel they should not miss a moment with them. However, it should be known to Mark that whereas child responsibility is good there are other considerations about life that are also critical for human progress. Children need a safe environment that will enable them to to learn with ease while they get proper health care. For Mark, he should understand this for him to be motivated about letting the child attend to safer health care. He should be aware that becoming a parent one needs endurance and that he should not give up easily on raising his child. He needs to be determined and focused in helping the child grow in the best way possible, he should be beginning to understand that at times he will need to be separated from Justine and he should not get worried as that entails child upbringing. Mark has an option of changing daycares to find where his expectations are met; Like considering a day care that will be taking photos of the child and recording his movements as they grow. he can also consider having a trained house help who will help him raise Justine.

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Parent-teacher communication is very critical for child development as both parties will be able to monitor and evaluate the progress of a child. Sometimes, however, the relationship may be challenging when a parent has many teachers to communicate to. It becomes difficult meeting all of them at ago, but to make the relationship effective the parents can organize meetings with the teachers to share with them what they feel would work well for the progress of their children. The parent could as well make a planned schedule on how to meet the teachers, understand the role of the morning and evening teacher such that they will have a ground of discussion every moment they meet. To enhance proper communication between the two it would be critical for them to maintain child records, such that on being asked about particular issues the teacher can make easy reference and comment on them. (Ferrara & Ferrar,2005). For instance, writing down everything that happens at the day care, the concerns of the parents such that all the staff are aware of that and can easily check on the records to give feedback to the parents.


There have been significant changes in the way men and women used to work in the past where men used to be sole breadwinners whereas women were considered and socialized exclusively to attend to family and home tasks (Choi, Hwang, & Parrenas, 2018). But currently, with the gender equality campaigns, women can also be breadwinners as they can secure employment in any role a man can play, a thing that never happened in the past. Lately, parental care needs the involvement of both parents without subjecting the duty to one gender(women).


Choi, C., Hwang, M. C., & Parrenas, R. S. (2018). Women on the Move: Stalled Gender Revolution in Global Migration. In Handbook of the Sociology of Gender (pp. 493-506). Springer, Cham.

Ferrara, M. M., & Ferrar, P. J. (2005). Parents as partners: Raising awareness as a teacher preparation program. The Clearing House: A journal of educational strategies, issues and ideas, 79(2), 77-82.

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