Gaps in Programming for Couples Essay Example

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Date:  2022-10-23

Various gaps that exist in programming for divorced couples contribute to the occurrence of marriage difficulties in a couple. Depression in one of the couples is the rationale as to why people may become divorced. Although couples may exhibit love at first, depression due to the socioeconomic crisis might account for the changes that occur in marriages. For instance, a couple may be facing economic crises to the extent one of the partners develops depression which makes it difficult for him or her to live with the partner; hence, the gap leading to divorce. That is, some hardships in life may have a significant effect on the life of the couples to the extent that the gap cannot be leveraged (Williamson, Karney, & Bradbury, 2013). Therefore, the financial status of a couple may account for the prevalence of family crises.

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Another programming gap in a remarried couples suffices to be anger management issues that may arise due to difficulties in age difference or the socioeconomic status. Every family requires finances to take care of daily bills and other expenses. Consequently, such a family requires to have an income source that can sustain them by paying their bills (Williamson, Karney, & Bradbury, 2013). However, the difference in income status whereby one partner may be earning and the other without a source of income may be lead to the occurrence of anger management issues due to the tranquilities that a family goes through in marriage.

As a result of the prevalence of the programming gaps, there exists the need for an appropriate model for analyzing the situations in divorced and remarried couples. The VSA (Vulnerability-Stress-Adaptation) model is essential to understanding dynamic processes in marriages. The model provides the theoretical perspectives for reviewing the existing gaps between couples. As for the divorced couples, the depression due to financial instability suffices to be the rationale behind stressful events leading to divorce. Subsequently, the VSA model facilitates an understanding of the vulnerabilities that remarried couples may be experiencing (Johnson, Galambos, & Krahn, 2014). Hence, the VSA model is essential to understand the vulnerabilities caused by the gaps in programming for divorced and remarried couples which may be causing stressful events. Moreover, the model facilitates an assessment of the adaptation strategies to help couples manage the gaps.

In understanding the stressful events that may be existing in remarried couples, the attachment theory is essential to facilitate an understanding of how couples have to manage the marital difficulties brought about by marriage stressor. The attachment theory is a fundamental perspective of the VSA model that facilitates the understanding of the existence of the vulnerabilities that cause the gaps and the means to adapt as couples (Johnson, Galambos, & Krahn, 2014). Moreover, the attachment theory may be used to understand how to leverage the financial crisis that may be affecting couples and how the difficulties may be resolved.


To conclude, couples experience many difficulties while living together. Over time, the attachment that one has to their partner may deteriorate which could lead to divorce. The VSA model provides an understanding of the vulnerabilities that exist in marriages that lead to stressful events or difficulties. Moreover, the VSA model facilitates an understanding of how couples could manage the prevalence of marriage difficulties. The VSA model has other theoretical perspectives such as the attachment theory which assesses the stressful events that may be affecting a couple and how such vulnerabilities could be managed to ensure couples stick together.


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Williamson, H. C., Karney, B. R., & Bradbury, T. N. (2013). Financial strain and stressful events predict newlyweds' negative communication independent of relationship satisfaction. Journal of Family Psychology, 27(1), 65.

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