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Date:  2021-03-29

How would you go about diffusing the immediate issue at hand?

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Disputes are unavoidable where individuals congregate. All human beings are naturally wired to defend themselves when they sense that there is a threat or when they perceive someone is wronging them either emotional or physical and they attack in return. Residents in retirement homes have a high chance of being in conflict with the administration, fellow residents or their caregivers. Conflict arises because before they got to the facilities they were able bodied people who lived in their homes by their rules and are now forced by circumstances to share resources with other residents and they have very minimal control over their lifestyle.

In Jeremy's case, he is in conflict with the staff for delaying and giving him the wrong order of his coffee. Their dispute is an example of a short- term issue that affects most retirement homes which are as a result of a simple misunderstanding between the parties. In such a situation the best approach that can be employed is the use of transparent and open dialogue through negotiation and compromise (Spencer, 2011). Such dispute resolution mechanisms ensure that positive relationships remain between the parties. However, it is important to understand that the outcome that stems from such a dialogue should be in the best interest of both sides. The person who resolves these kinds of disputes must be impartial and treat all the parties equally and not taking the favor over the other (Lewicki et al., 2015). In this case, therefore, I will ask the Jeremy and the member of staff with who they were in confrontation with for a short meeting to try and understand the issue from both their point of views. I will guide their talks and try to simmer down the high tensions that may arise between them and ensure that they communicate up until a time when they come to a resolution of their matter. Resolution is important because unresolved disputes lead to irreparable damage.

What would you do to resolve the long-term issues facing the facility?

Communication between disputants is one way to resolve conflicts. There may, however, be situations where the conflict is by the institution or by the residents themselves, and preparation is important for such circumstances. Where it involves the facility, some of the complaints that may arise would affect its daily running, the management of finances or service provision to the residents. God management practice requires that the facility should encourage the residents to bring forth such complaints to their attention. A complaints committee can also be put in place which would bring the claims directly from the residents. However, direct communication between the residents and the administration is most suitable as it shows transparency and creates a trusting relationship. Such free communication avoids conflict or where conflict exists to resolve it very quickly because the management can explain a situation that may have been disturbing the residents and they become aware of the decision in management that they may have previously been unaware (Lewicki et al., 2015).

Further, it is important that critical specific issues regarding the facility are dealt with severely. It became easier when such matters are broken down and tackled each at a time. It is very frequent that when a bigger issue is resolved the smaller misunderstandings dwindle or they become quickly resolved.

The facility can also employ formal processes of the settlement of disputes where the informal processes fail. A formal dispute resolution procedure requires that where the wronged party desires to raise a complaint, they must first give written notice to those parties who are involved asking them to change their ways or where possible resolve the dispute. The party must also notify the facility that such a dispute has arisen.

The facility has an obligation to confirm whether they have received the notice and the issues that they see need resolution. The remedies that the complainant desires must also be clearly set straight by such a complainant.

The parties who receive the notice of such dispute must show their commitment and respond by a written letter to indicating the complaints they agree to or disapprove and whether they would be ready to take part in the resolution process. During this same time, the facility has an obligation to appoint a neutral party which is accepted by the parties to listen to their matter. This neutral party has to have no connection with either of the party to prevent bias (Spencer, 2011).

Before the dispute, meeting commences the parties would be required to exchange any relevant material that would be substantial during the talks to produce evidence necessary for any particular reason. The parties get issued with a negotiation notice which informs the parties about the dates, time and venue of where the meeting point. This form of dispute resolution is vital because it is a very confidential matter because all that the disputants discussed cannot be disclosed to anyone. The parties, later on, write down an agreement of their expectations of each other and they both sign it. Follow up sessions are also carried out to ensure that the parties abide by their agreements (Lewicki et al., 2015).


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