How ADD Affects People's Ability to Write? Essay Example

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Date:  2022-12-04

ADD which is recently called ADHD is an attention deficit disorder which occurs in both children and adults. The condition is associated with impulsivity, hyperactivity, and inattentiveness as it varies from one person to another. The children who are affected by this disorder experience difficulties in sitting still, completing specific tasks at school or home and in following various directions provided to them. Writing requires integrating different skills which involve planning, analyzing and the organization of thoughts. Also, it requires students to recall and implement the correct grammatical rules, spelling, and punctuations. The writing expectations become more demanding as the student ages and moves to high school and colleges. The anxiety which the students develop due to the writing of the reports and essays in high school and colleges leads to ADHD. Therefore, this paper will focus on how ADD or ADHD disorder affects the person's ability to carry out writing.

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The students who have this disorder tend to experience difficulties in focusing and remaining attentive to various details. The learner has higher chances of making spelling errors, punctuation or grammar when writing. Frustrations make the person to complete writing without having the time to check for the details which were required by the facilitators ending up with a poorly written work (Asberg Johnels, Svenny and Christopher 424-434). Also, there is no time for editing of the assignments like reports and essays which makes their work to be of low quality compared to other work written by students who do not have the ADD disorder.

The individual with ADHD disorder are bored to review their work after writing since they lose the focus and interest. The student tends to rush through their academic work which leads to committing severe mistakes in the papers. These complications are brought about by the challenges which occur to the excellent motor coordination thus complicating the writing abilities. The disorder makes individuals with this disorder to have poor penmanship which makes it difficult for them to read and provide quality work (Asberg Johnels et al. 424-434). Therefore, continuous sustenance of the mental energy and attention which is needed for writing making the people with the ADD disorder to struggle.

Moreover during conversations on the specific topics of writing, people with the ADD disorder process language differently thus being at risk of the language delays. These people might get off topic whenever they are sharing ideas with other people as they struggle to find the appropriate words and put their thoughts together that would help in coming up with a meaningful conversation. The individual with this disorder tends to have errors in grammar whenever they are composing sentences. The student might experience difficulty in writing due to distractions which arise from the surrounding environment such as noise and the rapidly- spoken languages (Rodriguez et al. 121-146). Due to this distractions, the child ends up missing specific details in the stories and conversation thus making writing to become challenging. In the discussions, people with this disorder lose particular aspects thus failing to register the crucial bits of the provided information.

The persons with the ADD disorder experience the pragmatic difficulties. The practical language involves social mores which are related to non-verbal communication and spoken words. The ADD symptoms usually limit the communication aspect which is essential to writing. The communication and listening standards are broken by either the person speaking excessively or loudly and blurting the answers (Reid, Jessica and Steve 2014). People with this condition fail to follow the basic rules of communication whenever they are given directions due to their impulsiveness, distractibility and various functional impairments.

In schools, the teachers are faced with the difficulties of knowing the appropriate method to use in teaching these individuals with the ADD disorder. The condition makes the students have confusion, low self-esteem thus experiencing the attention problems. Therefore, the harder the condition struggles, the more it becomes difficult to read and write among the students. Most students who suffer this disorder become successful when they come out of school since they can combine the real world images in intuitive or creative ways. The people with this condition usually find an individual who will read and write for them since they cannot follow the details provided in the instructions. For example, in schools, the students who are affected by this disorder are not able to complete tasks or chores given to them by their facilitators or teachers (Reid et al. 2014). Therefore, this condition ends up affecting the students' academic life and other peoples' ability to provide well-written work.


In conclusion, ADD which is termed to be a hyperactivity disorder has affected writing among the affected people hence leading to struggles in their academic life and at the workplaces. Since the condition makes the people not to give much attention and remain focused on their writing or reading life, they can be involved in other co-curricular activities. The students in schools can be motivated and advised accordingly by their teachers hence avoiding lowering their self-esteem. Therefore, individuals with this condition can become successful in society if they are supported and made to accept their state.

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