Paper Example on Unlock Future Success: Why Education Is Essential in the Job Market

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Date:  2023-01-23


Unlike in the past years, today, students have a wide range of career avenues to choose, which makes it more exciting for them. Considering the idea that education is believed the key to success, it is deemed necessary despite being expensive and time-consuming (Calonge, & Shah, 2016). Students find it difficult to understand education is essential in their future career in various areas of study. This is especially disturbing when some candidates are passed over for a job as they favor another applicant with different qualification (Mourshed, Patel, & Suder, 2014). This may include having a different degree or more education, even though such an applicant may have less experience. The situation puts students in a stressfully and overwhelming condition as they try to reflect on why employers emphasize the education qualification (Turner et al 2007). Therefore, if one does not have a sense of purpose in education, he/she may waste choosing the wrong path in education. It is based on this controversy which students face that this report focuses on how to choose the right path in education to ensure a successful future.

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Primary Audience

The primary audience for this report involves the students who have finished their high school studies and planning to join colleges and universities. In many cases, students join colleges only to end up pursuing courses that frustrate their future dreams. The problem has affected many of such students and many end up doing jobs they never anticipated for in their career path, which translates to poor performance. The issue has been raised and has had the stakeholders talking with the intention of looking for possible solutions. Thus, students at entry level being the target makes this report timely enough to help them make proper decisions.

Secondary Audience

The secondary audience for the report includes the parents and teachers who are related to the students who leave high school in one way or the other. Parents and teachers form an integral part of the students when it comes to deciding on their career path in education. The report will be essential for them to have their support for helping students make a choice.


The report will go a long way advising students on the best way to choose the right path in education to ensure that the future is a success. Thus, the report must highlight the critical issues likely to affect the students in this process and the solutions that can be adopted and implemented. Achieving this extent requires that the report be extensive and capture all relevant factors. Thus, the report will aim to answer the following questions and issues:

1. What does the student like to learn?

2. Do students do some activities because they think that is what they have to do?

3. For whom are the students creating a career for? Parents, society, own excitement, or for money purpose?

4. How do students view their future work?

5. Do students have dreams, and if they have, what are they?

6. Do students think they can love what they do at the same time make enough money?

7. Do students have a career vision?

8. Do they believe in themselves?

9. Do parents play a role in career choice for students?

10. Do teachers influence the choice in education for students?


The completion of the report and its significance will be accomplished by carrying out research that will involve both secondary and primary resources. Both types of resources will be essential in establishing the right path in education for one to have a successful future. Thus, the resources to be used will provide the information that has already been stored and the new facts from the relevant groups. Some secondary sources to be used include:

  • Why Is Education so Important for Success by Andrea Clement Santiago
  • Paths That Prepare You for Your Future by Leah Barton
  • The Key to Choosing the Right Career by Heidi Grant

How to Make a Career Choice When You Are Undecided by Dawn Rosenberg MckayThe secondary sources will be complemented by the primary research to ascertain some facts that may not be clear or those that may require opinions from the affected parties. These will include:

  • Surveys and interviews on the students about various aspects of the report
  • Surveys and interviews on the teachers and the parents
  • Surveys on the employers to find out their preference in choosing applicants or the jobs
  • Observing how students go about their education path choice


As a first diploma holder, I went looking for the job after my graduation and was unsuccessful for about three good years. I have to go through many job training sessions where I found out that my course did not give me enough skills that employees require. The situation forced me to change my career to education, and I have had a lot of experience with students on how they make their choice.

Request for Approval

As a resourceful person who interacts with the students and advises them in education path choice, this report qualifies based on the reliable knowledge and information it carries. Additionally, it carries primary information from the various stakeholders, including students and teachers. I will be glad if my report is approved for the audience to access it.


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