Paper Example on Unlawful Deportation

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Date:  2022-05-22


ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement) gets noted as a Bureau of the portion of Homeland security (HIS) that was formed on 1st March 2003. The role of the department is to enforce immigration and the customs laws and operates to protect the United States against attack by the terrorist. The goals of the ICE mainly focus on illegal immigrants who comprise of the people, materials and the money which supports terrorism in the States and other criminal offenses.

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The central part of the department is detective work. Typically, HIS is a division of the United States ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement) responsible for the investigation and collecting intelligence on a vast area of the criminal activities for instance immigration offenses. ICE collects evidence which makes the cases against the criminal activities. The department contains some of the information analysts and detectives in the federal government. Recently, the agent of the department investigated human smuggling including other violation relating to human rights. (Urrea, Luis A, 6) Some of such activities investigated include trafficking, art theft, visa fraud, arms dealing, drug smuggling, cyber-crimes, gang activities and import/export activity. The department has approximately 6500 agents getting rank as the most extensive investigative portion in Homeland Security. It also ranks as the second to Federal Bureau of the investigation in the government of United States.

On top of that, the department also contains strategic enforcement including the security capabilities having officers responsible for performing paramilitary type duties. The teams are useful in cases of high-risk operations, and in fact, have managed to provide security during the earthquakes and aftermaths. There are four areas of operation which ICE focus on. The Enforcement and removal is a division that handles the main enforcement issues to do with the non-citizens in the United States, for instance, apprehending individuals who have violated the laws of the states or unlawfully present. The division operates by detaining them when laws demands and conducting immigration court orders of removal. The homeland security investigations investigate crimes which are related to immigration human smuggling, human rights violations, financial crimes, issues of export enforcement and cybercrime. All these activities are what are considered illegal by the body.

The office of the international affairs (OIA) is a division that carries and coordinates investigations of the transnational criminal organizations. The division also operates as the liaison agency to counterparts in law enforcement and the local government. Some other responsibilities of OIA include offering training and the capacity building to the foreign rule enforcement counterparts. The division also helps with eliminating of aliens through facilitating their repatriation. The primary function of ICE is to ensure the defense and the security of US mainly through detecting and preventing the illegal activities for instance terrorist. (Saunders, Jessica, Nelson Lim, et al.7). Other illegal activities that the body aims to include attack preparation and communication, illegal entry to the United States and offering financial support. Some of the recent examples of the body pertain child enforcement and removal. On 23rd of April this year, ICE arrested 60 criminals during the public safety operations. The arrestees comprise nationals from Colombia and Brazil. In Washington on the same date, ICE apprehend fugitive alien needed for a murder case in Honduras. The culprit was Cesar Isaac Erazo of 29 years of age. He is a citizen and the nation of Honduras in which he leads the local gang referred to as Flaco's Gang.

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