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There are many problems that the United States government in general faces and they need immediate attention. These problems range from poor leadership, healthcare, unemployment, national security and crime/violence. All these difficulties have resulted in the declining of the economy and threatened the well-being of people in the society. One of the major problems that the government faces is the issue with illegal immigration. In this paper, the history, causes and intervention techniques for illegal aliens is tackled.

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For a longtime, immigration in the United States has raised the alarm and every other new wave of immigrants has met strenuous opposition. The country has recorded more than 10 million undocumented aliens, and the rates are growing rapidly with the numbers rising close to 700,000 per year. The main problem that this issue poses to the people is not security, but rather it's a threat to the economy. The country has a limited capacity to accommodate more immigrants which then necessitates action to curb the numbers (Rudolph 10). The government has failed to appreciate the political and economic factors that have led rise to the increasing number of immigrants making it difficult to tackle the menace. Many laws and regulations have been developed on the same, and many studies have pointed out that the United States system contributes greatly to the growing numbers of immigrants. Still, there are many controversial issues that have been raised in regards to the illegal immigrants that get into the country and among them includes whether the country should prioritize a certain group of immigrants over the others in which this includes the children and refugees. Despite all this, more controversial research has indicated that the immigrants have positive consequences on the United States government as they complement the workforce and also help in creating new jobs (Kuznets 240). This nuisance, however, needs to be dealt with urgently of the country has to keep up with its economic growth.

The problem of immigration has existed for quite sometimes now, and its history dates to many decades back. The rate of immigration in the United States increased steadily after the World War II, and it was mainly composed of middle-aged working-class men and a few women. The first set of immigrants, however, to be received in the United States were the English men who arrived at around 1607 and most of them settle around the James River. These English men mainly settled in colonies, but the numbers were insignificant until the seventh century when they began to arrive in significant numbers. The beginning of importation of African slave into the United States in the same century also marked an important wave of immigrants getting into the country. It is this that has marked the continuous presence of people of African descent in the United States. In 1637 the Massachusetts colonies needed court permission for them to be able to host an alien and foreign person who was the beginning of immigration restriction in the country (Schuck 66). During the years the naturalization act with many restrictions was developed. This act has been changing over the years, and the last amended saw to it that the number of years required for naturalization increased to seven. Among the highest number of immigrants that the country has fought over time is the increased entry of the Chinese in the country who came during the discovery of gold. Other nationalities such as the Japanese, Mexicans and the Africans have also been among the highest numbers of immigrants getting into the country in search of employment and a better economy. Today the United States is continuously threatened by the likely rise of the annual numbers of aliens who pose major threats to the country. Many acts that govern the country's border have also been developed to help in curbing the numbers of immigrants that are getting into the country from the countries surrounding the United States (Murdock 17)s.

There are many factors that can be attributed to the increased numbers of immigrants in the United States. One of these factors is the high levels of safety in the United States. Most of the individuals who come to the United States are fleeing from insecurity and war, and hence the United States become a better destination for them. In some countries, the practice of persecution and discrimination which is usually based on nationality race, religion, and political beliefs prompts most of the people to leave and pursue freedom and safer lives (Reitz 112). War and widespread gang activities have caused many immigrants from the Middle East to move into the US. The other factor that has contributed to the increase in immigration is the economic issues. Most of the people moving to the United States are looking for a better economy compared to theirs. Due to higher wages and the availability of jobs in the country, they are assured of better opportunities and improved lives. An example of a country that has contributed to the highest number of immigrants in the United States due to this factor is Mexico (Spring 50). Some environmental factors also cause the displacement of people forcing them to migrate to much more stable countries such as the United States. The examples of earthquakes, tsunamis, hurricanes may result to crop failure and air pollution necessitating the need to migrate to other places. The United States does not experience any environmental fluctuation issues, and hence this makes it a better destination for most of the affected people. Lastly, the social factors that activate the need for a better life have also contributed to the rising numbers of refugees in the United States. Most of the migrants are ensured for better job opportunities for themselves and improved livelihood for their families such as better education and safe living environment and also an opportunity for them to cultivate their careers further and become more developed. The United States can meet all these expectations of the people (Bhachu 344)

Many interventions have been adapted to try and solve the immigration issue in the country. One among the key ones is the deportation of the illegal aliens in the country. The new government has embraced the deportation of undocumented immigrants back to their native countries. Also, more policies are being developed that are aimed at discouraging illegal immigrants from the country. Among then includes a policy that restricts employment of aliens in certain sectors of the country and most of the jobs that are left out for such kind of people are not one that would encourage a better living. The United States has also taken the initiative to construct a wall along the US/Mexico border with an aim to prevent further entry of immigrants in the country. There are many stakeholders that are essential in helping fix the immigration issues in the United States and among them include the following. The law enforcement agents, elected leaders, employees and the community in general form the main framework. Collective action is essential in helping to solve the problem (Jorgensen 99).

There are many other alternatives solutions that can be adapted to help solve this problem once and for all. One of them is for the country to implement more work based permits. This is because the country still has a high need for labor and hence the total ban of immigrants may not be applicable. More importantly, the work based permit will ensure that people interested in working in the United States can freely do so by applying for one. One of the ways to measure the effectiveness of this intervention is through observing the reduction in the number of illegal aliens in the country. Most of the worker will be able to attain their desired career objectives and may return home on the expiry of the permit.


In conclusion, therefore, the issue with immigrants is one that is raising an alarm that needs to be dealt with urgently. The problem with illegal immigration in the country dates back to many centuries ago when the English men were the first to arrive in the United States. This problem has continued to grow, and some intervention such as policies to restrict immigration and also the construction of the wall in Mexico has been adapted. The main stakeholders handling this issue include the law enforcement agents, the political leaders and the community in general. One of the most effective ways to deal with the problem is the establishment of work based permit which will result in a reduction in the number of illegal immigrants in the country.

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