Paper Example on Treaty of Tordesillas: Pope, Spain, Brazil & Europe Impact

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Date:  2023-08-08

What was the Treaty of Tordesillas, and what does this have to do with the Pope? How did this impact Spain's control of the New World? What does this have to do with Brazil and its language? How did this Treaty impact England and France?

It was an agreement between Spain and Portugal to equally divide land discovered outside Europe. Pope Alexander V1 amended the treaty by giving Spain absolute claim to North and South America and Brazil as a colony of Portugal; its citizens speak Portuguese. The treaty ignored future claims by the British and French; thus, they did not assert leadership to any part of America for years after the signing of the treaty.

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Compare the Indian uprising in Virginia in 1622 to the uprising in Georgia and New England.

The uprising in Virginia resulted because the Powhatan realized the English settlers did not want to trade, but they also wanted their land. It led to a surprise attack by the natives, who killed settlers in their homes. In Georgia, the Chickamauga wars were because the settlers pushed the natives from their traditional territory. Lastly, in New England, the conflict was because of the colonialists' expansion activities pushing the natives from their land.

Discuss the Lancashire Witches in England and the Salem Witch problem in America. Why were the people so terrified of witches, and what did they do to witches once they were found "guilty"?

Witches were a problem in both England and America. Trial of the twelve witches in England took place in Lancaster Castle, and eleven of them were found guilty. On the other hand, Salem witch trials occurred in Massachusetts, where approximately 200 people were accused of practicing witchcraft. The people were terrified of witches because they believed that the witches were killers and could communicate with the devil; therefore, once a witch was found guilty, the punishment was hanging.

Discuss Bacon's Rebellion in 1675, and what does this have to do with the American Revolution?

Nathaniel Bacon rebelled against the leadership of William Berkeley. It was the first armed rebellion by American colonialists against Britain. The fearless actions by Nathaniel and his supporters inspired many Americans to fight for their rights and, as a result, a hundred years later, inspired the American Revolution.

Explain the causes and the results of the Glorious Revolution in England and America.

The leading cause was the conflict of heirdom. Mary was the sole heir his father, King James, but his father had a son, thus, changing the line of succession, leading to a revolt by Mary's husband, William. The impactit had in North America was by freeing them temporarily from strict anti-puritan laws. On the other hand, England transformed from an absolute monarchy to a constitutional monarchy.

What was the purpose of Parliament and the King creating the Sugar, Stamp, Iron and Quartering Acts? How does this financially impact the results of the French and Indian War?

The quartering acts created by the King increased taxation in the British Colonies; thus, it was a source of revenue and destroyed illegal trade. Also it undermined its colonies from trading with other countries so that they could pay their debt because the French-Indian War had affected the British finances.

Just before the American Revolution, British authorities seized John Hancock's ship, the Liberty. Why did the British do this, and how did this impact the New England states?

John Hancock's ship was seized after an accusation that a customs official had been locked in the ship's cabin while cargo was undergoing offloading. The officials claimed that Hancock wanted to evade the Townsend Act. The incident resulted in much unrest in the New England States, leading to acts of defiance against the British crown by the American colonialists.

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