Paper Example on the Impact of Technology on Various Areas of Life

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Date:  2023-06-06


Will Online Learning Replace In-Learning During Coronavirus? Should Parents Homeschool?

Based on my opinion, I think in-learning might be replaced by online learning as a way of curbing the spread of coronavirus disease because the disease is mostly spread by overcrowding. Therefore, conducting online learning will help to reduce the spread of the disease.

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Since parents are monitoring their children's lessons, do you think that they would opt to homeschool their children in the future?

I think parents would not be able to teach their children at their various homes in the future. My argument upon this is that teaching is one of the professions that require skills. As a result, some parents might not meet the necessary skills for teaching.

Do you think the students would want more online courses offered in school? Elementary School? High School? College?

I think the majority of the student would prefer being offered online courses when pursuing their college studies. This is because most of the students wish to enroll in more than one course. Also, students learning by online means is beneficial to them since they have options on how to go with their preferred courses. They can decide to request for rescheduling of their time tables to enable them to finish their syllabus earlier. As a result of completing semesters earlier, students would, therefore, have an opportunity to continue with courses hence making them finish their courses earlier as compared to in-learning that might take quite a long time to reach its completion.

Would educators want to include more online learning in their courses, even if they are not online classes?

Educators wish to include online learning courses as they would help them to easy their work. The work of the educators would become easier because of providing their learners with learning materials in a convenient way. Moreover, their work would be ease by the incorporation of online courses as this will maximize their time, thus enabling them to do other work in their workplace.

How could this industry return to the pre-coronavirus?

The education industry can return to the pre-corona virus by adopting modern means of technologies such as the provision of online courses across the country.

What strategies would you use?

There are several strategies that can be applied to reduce the spread of coronavirus disease in most of the learning institutions. Apart from advising learners to enroll in online courses, they should strictly adhere to hygienic measures, for instance, social distancing. I would use the strategy of social distancing. Social distancing enables the leaner not to come into contact with one another, thereby limiting the spread of the disease. Also, I would adopt the strategy of handwashing. Regular hand washing is significant, as this would help to kills the germs that you might have come into contact with while enduring other works.

Healthcare industry

Do you think telehealth, face-timing your doctor, will be used after the coronavirus?

In my view, I think telehealth programs might be used in the future. The reason why this strategy may be incorporated into the nursing field is due to fear among doctors of getting infected with the disease from the infected patient. Therefore, the essence of applying telehealth in the future is to curb the spread of coronavirus disease.

Could telehealth lead to house calls, doctors coming to their patients' homes?

Tele-health is unique in its nature as compared with other techniques used in the field of nursing. Its uniqueness is that it rarely involves the presence of doctors while providing services to the patient. The doctor and the patient can manage to reach one another by using technology. Doctors can adopt modern technology, for instance, using devices to identify the level of blood sugar level in a patient's body while there are at their various offices.

Since doctors can prescribe prescriptions through telehealth, do you think that more medications that require prescription will be sold over the counter?

I think there would be fewer medication prescriptions by doctors through telehealth programs because some of the people in remote areas are illiterate; therefore, they might not be able to interpret the prescriptions given to them by their respective doctors.

Will people still be afraid of contracting any illnesses by going to doctors' offices?

People would be afraid of contracting coronavirus disease when looking for their medications in doctor's offices since most of them prefer isolating themselves to avoid further spread of the disease.

What strategies would you use to ease people back to doctors' offices?

The strategy that I would use to encourage people to seek their services at doctor's offices is providing people with masks to enable them not to contract the virus to other people.

How could this industry return to the pre-coronavirus?

The health care industry can return to pre-coronavirus by adhering to hygienic measures such as handwashing. Wearing of masks will also help them to avoid contracting the disease through close contact with the infected patient.

Restaurant Industry

When life gets back to normal, do you feel that restaurants will continue to only provide take-out and delivery because it may appear to be more cost-efficient? Is it more cost-effective to not allow patrons to dine-in?

I feel that most of the restaurant industries might be forced by the pandemic to continue with the normal way of providing services to their customers. This way is the use of takeaway meals mainly to eliminate social gathering by the customers that might lead to the spread of the coronavirus disease.

How do you think restaurants will try to return to in-house dining?

The only way restaurant can return in-house dining is by adopting proper measures, for example, observing social distancing and hand washing.

Do you think that small local restaurants that completely shut down will eventually re-open?

Small local restaurants that have closely been shut down would one day be re-open under certain conditions. These conditions include hand washing and observing social distancing.

Some people are cooking their meals and found it to be a cost saver. How will they feel about eating out at a restaurant and spending more money than eating at home?

People find more beneficial when engaged in preparing their meals at their various home place, but they mostly value spending their money at restaurants because restaurants offer various choices of foods. Also, most of the food offered by the restaurants have good taste due to proper cooking by the cooks, thus attracting them, unlike when they eat at home as some rarely have skills for preparing meals.

How can restaurants try to entice people to come back to their restaurants? What strategies would you use?

Restaurants can entice people by educating them on hygienic measures. The strategies that I would apply is the introduction of new foodstuffs and offering services at a lower price, thus attracting more customers.

Entertainment Industry

How have streaming services increased over the past few weeks?

Streaming services have rapidly increased after coronavirus emerged because people have shifted from gathering events such as theatres as a way of avoiding being contracted with the disease.

Do you think this will continue to create a divide between streaming services and cable?

In my opinion, I think there would be no division between streaming services and cable since the main aim of encouraging streaming services by most of the nations is to curb the rate at which coronavirus spread. Also, streaming cannot divide cable since it enables people to get access to entertainment, thus keeping them busy.

When sporting events return, how could the teams justify charging the same price as if they had a full season? Should the ticket prices be reduced?

Teams would justify charging the same services after the return of sporting events as a way of demonstrating loyalty to their respective nations. The ticket prices would be lowered to ensure that each individual is able to get access to it.

Do think people will ever be comfortable gathering in a large crowd?

People would not be comfortable at any gathering due to the fear of being infected with coronavirus disease.

What will venues have to do to convince people that they will be safe?

Venues will convince people by implementing measures that can help individuals not to be infected with the disease. Observing social distancing is one of the measures that would enable the venues to attract the attention of the people, thus gathering them.

How could this industry return to the pre-coronavirus?

The entertainment industry can return to its normal industry by strictly observing measures that reduce the spread of the disease from an infected person to a normal person.

What strategies would you use?

The strategy that I can use to maintain the audience in the entertainment industry is by lowering the ticket prices to motivate people to pay for their tickets.

Travel Industry

How can the travel industry make people feel comfortable traveling after we can travel?

The travel industry can only make people feel comfortable while on their journey by providing them with masks. Also, the industry can achieve the comfortability of the people by emphasizing on social distancing whereby each mode of transport would be required to carry a fewer number of passengers.

What new practices will be implemented (cleaning)? Airlines? Hotels? Trains? Taxis? Buses? Cruise Ships?

Observing social distancing between one person and the other.

Wearing of masks.

Restriction of flight movements from one country to another.

Hand washing before boarding and alighting the vehicle.

The travel industry has lost revenue over the past month or so. How can they afford to offer promotions and not lose more money?

The travel industry can afford to offer promotion at the same time, maintaining its revenue by adhering to hygienic measures. Also, the traveling industry can achieve this by reducing the number of workers in the workplace so as to fit with the amount of labor provided, thus saving on money.

Will they need to continue to offer promotions to remain competitive with others in the industry?

Traveling industry need not offer promotion because it would be encouraging more competition from their organization rather than looking at ways of curbing the spread of the coronavirus disease.

If we still need to practice social distancing while traveling, how would that impact the travel industry?

Social distancing will negatively impact the traveling industry because there would be less realization of the profit by those who are operating with the organization. Reduction on the usual level of income is due to the fact that some seats would remain empty. Moreover, the decrease in the profit generation is because there is no open forum to discuss the price of the fuels by some of the states.

How could this industry return to the pre-coronavirus?

Traveling industry can return to the pre-corona virus by engaging in a debate with the department of transport to discuss the issue of prices of the fuels.

What strategies would you use?

The strategy that I would apply in the traveling industry is by encouraging the restriction of the movement of people from one place to another hence reducing the spread of the disease.

Retail Industry

Do you think that businesses will rehire those laid off?

The business will rehire laid-off employees in the future under certain conditions. Strict supervision of the workers is one of the measures that would be used after the employees have been rehired to avoid the...

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