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Date:  2022-07-11


Several upcoming technologies in the educations sector have proven to be essential because of the changes they are creating in schools and other learning institutions. For instance, the application of new technologies in the education sector has made the learning process easier, faster, more flexible and even fun. It also encourages self-dive towards the learning process among the students (Gitonga, Muuro & Onyango, 2016). I analyzed one learning institution, and I found that it is facing substantial difficulties in attaining the general goal of exploiting technological tools to enhance the learning process. The current issues facing the institution include lack of proper infrastructure, inconsistent software and hardware applications and lack of the professional development required for learning to take place effectively within the organization. Following these concerns, the organization committee has identified two suitable technologies that can help improve the school namely: Edmodo and Etale. These two technologies have features that are critical in facilitating individual studies. The elements are essential because most people prefer self-learning, which they consider more comfortable because even if they fail to understand concepts within the first try, there is no embarrassment for repeating it over and over again until they get it. The above technologies will also help individuals research different concepts and topics of interest.

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The two productivity technologies Edmodo and Etale are among the best emerging technologies in the education sector based on some of their features. First, both techniques have features to redesign the learning spaces, thereby changing the traditional design of the classroom. For instance, Edmodo has features that encourage virtual classroom and as a result, creating a link between the class and educators (Greear & Lowenthal, 2016). Therefore, students in this organization will be able to ask questions and obtain an instant response from the educators. Since research shows that redesigning the classroom has a positive effect on the learning process, these technologies are definitely among the best to help the organization I analyzed overcome challenges. For instance, since the organization uses social media to communicate about its annual events, the students will now be able to get direct access to such information and stay updated. Edmodo is specifically designed to connect the school community by providing for all their material, educational and connections needs (Ni, 2013).

Also, the technologies mentioned give students instant access to knowledge because they give them more complacency with Google tools. This means that the two technologies are shifting student learning into a more open education where solutions to severe problems are accessible through Google, with the help of internet connectivity. The two techniques, Edmodo and Etale, with their advanced features work together to enhance the learning processes both for the individuals and people willing to conduct collective learning and research. Moreover, the technologies are flexible and sustainable enough to equal the smartphones and tablets requirements (Ni, 2013). Also, although they are slightly costly, the costs are reasonable and adequate for learning institutions like this one because the output outweighs the costs.

Additionally, the tools will also help develop the technological skills of the workers; thus, making them an essential need of the organization since this is the 21st century where even employees must have enough technical know-how. The technologies will support the instructional goals of the organization because they will help its management establish clear expectations for the staff technological skills connected with the demands of the education sector. Besides, the technologies will improve the productivity of the entire organization because everyone including the staff has to take a technology literacy skills training. This exercise will not be so difficult for the organization because it will just need to hire two or more technical experts familiar with the technologies to take the staff through a technology literacy skills training.

Personal Reflection

I have gained a lot of insight about technological advancement after researching on the technologies. first, I learned that the two technologies are among the best emerging technologies that a learning institution in the 21st century could adopt following their wide pool of strengths. For instance, both technologies give students unique ways to engage, participate and express themselves. Unlike any other technology I have seen, Edmodo allows students to post discussion questions online and get instant suggestions or even receive video calls If they provide their details. I also learned that most students want to use Edmodo because it fosters communication among users thus making learning enjoyable.

In most cases, students find it hard to study alone because they see it boring. However, since technology has overtaken the world, I found out that most students enjoy using the techniques to enhance their learning because they are always online anyway. I also found the applicability of the tools in an actual school setting quite practical because it is not very expensive to upgrade the technology system in a school. If anything, the benefits of improving the technology system in a school outweigh the cost challenge. I figured that most learning institutions would want to integrate the tools in their technology system because they are not only favorable for the students and educators but also to the rest of the staff.


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