Paper Example on Project Management in the Dutch Market

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Date:  2022-06-22


The recent advancements in technology have led to the emergence of new hypes and trends in different fields. This paper focuses on analyzing the current market hypes and trends in project management in the Dutch market, with a view of predicting future adaptations in project management.

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Project Management

Project management involves planning, initiating, controlling, and closing the work of a team in order to achieve specific goals at a specified time (Harrison & Lock, 2017). It is an essential part of businesses that requires creativity and innovation, which can help the business maintain a competitive advantage over competitors (Kerzner & Kerzner, 2017). Project management incorporates aspects of leadership and advancements in technology to ensure that specific success criteria are met within a specified period of time. This paper aims to investigate the prevailing trends in information, processing and business theory in relation to future project management adaptations in the Dutch market.

Purpose of the Study

In the contemporary world, the business environment is constantly changing and evolving, which implies that businesses have to adapt through creativity and innovation to stay ahead of the competition and maintain a competitive advantage. Anderson, Potocnikand Zhou (2014) explained that creativity and innovation in any organization are vital to its successful performance. With creativity and innovation, scarce or limited resources can be put into correct use to yield positive outcomes that promote the growth and expansion of the organization's operations (Anderson et al., 2014). On the other hand, businesses are resorting to the use of big data to derive valuable insights and to make better, smarter, real-time and fact-based decisions, which is fueling the growth of big data tools and platforms (Chen, Mao & Liu, 2014). Similarly, program and project management is becoming more innovative driven utilizing techniques such as Agile and DevOps in combination with industry Program, Project and Service Management(PPSM) specialization, in order to answer clients' requirements and help them discover untried ways to improve. As such, the purpose of this research will be to examine how recent advancements in information, big data processing, artificial intelligence, and business theory can be applied in the prediction of future project management adaptations in the Dutch market, to help organizations improve their performance and outcomes for their clients.

Problem Statement

In an Agile environment, traditional Project Management practice is becoming absolute. Furthermore, with the rapid technological advancement, Project management needs to adapt to the constantly changing market environment in order to stay relevant and be ahead of competitors. Therefore, identifying the likely future project management adaptations in relation to trends in information, processing, and business theory along with appropriate means to respond to these changes is a major research problem which this study will seek to address.

Research Objective

General ObjectiveRecently, there have been numerous technological advancements and shifts in trends in information, processing and business theory that are likely to have an impact on the future project management adaptations. Accordingly, the main objective of the research will be to examine the current trends in information, big data, artificial intelligence (AI), and business theory in the Dutch market, with a view of predicting the future of the Program, Project and Service Management (PPSM). The study will be seeking to provide organizations with the knowledge that can help them adjust and adapt to the changes in order to offset competition and thrive.

Specific Objectives

To assess trends in information and their impacts on future project management adaptations.

To analyze latest business theory in PPM and how it can be used to adapt to rapid change.

To explore the impact of big data and AI on future project management adaptations.

To assess future trends and identify the main strategies that can be used to stay ahead of market disruptors.

Research Questions

How are the new trends in information affecting future project management adaptations in the Dutch market?

What is the impact of the new trends in processing i.e. big data and AI on future project management adaptations in the Dutch market?

What is the influence of the current trends in business theory on future project management adaptations in the Dutch market?

What are the main strategies to be used to stay ahead of market disruptors?

Significance of the Study

The study seeks to investigate the impact of new technological advancements and thought leadership on future project management adaptations in the Dutch market, which is a relevant topic in the contemporary world. In today's world, many activities undertaken by people heavily depend on technology, and as such, it is necessary that people are acquainted with the new technological advancements available in their fields of interest (Rotman, 2013). The findings of this study will be significant in improving practice and performance in project management, which will, in turn, gives the positive outcome ofProject Control Servicesability to stay relevant in the future and ahead of rapid change and competition.

Research Outline

The research paper will be divided into several distinct sections, each presenting information relevant to the fulfillment of the set objectives. The introduction section will provide a background to the study and introduce the topic to the readers. It will also present the research questions that the study will be seeking to answer and elaborate the purpose of the research. The literature review will explore previous and contemporary research on project management theory and new technological disruptors. The methodology section will outline the research method, design, data collection method, and data processing and analysis methodthat will be employed in the study to obtain results. The findings section will present the observations made while the discussion will provide a detailed interpretation of the findings that were made. Finally, a conclusion section will be included to provide a summary of the entire research paper.

Literature Review

This section presents a detailed analysis of relevant scholarly material on thought leadership and market trends in business theory, data processing, and trends in information in relation to future project management adaptations. Additionally, the difference between hypes and trends as witnessed in the program and project management field is also established in this section. Generally, hypes are short-lived interest and attention in a particular subject as a result of external or internal developments, which push the subject into the spotlight (Harjunkoski, 2016). On the other hand, trends are long-term movements witnessed in the society over time following some significant time span of structural changes in how things are done (Harjunkoski, 2016). Finally, the chapter elaborates the conceptual framework that will be adopted in order to address the research problem of study and achieve the set objectives of the project.

Current Hypes in PPMNew hypes and trends continue to emerge in PPM with the continuous technological advancements. Several hypes can be identified from Gartner's Hype cycle for project and portfolio management as of 2018. The major hypes in the hype cycle are highlighted below.

Hypes on the Rise

Project Management Bots

Schoen (2017) explained that Project Management (PM) bots are targeted applications that automate tasks based on predefined rules or complex algorithm that may involve use of Artificial Intelligence. Project management bots can work on other bots, apps or services in response to user requests or event triggers. When these bots are combined with Artificial Intelligence, they operate as virtual assistants. Basically, bots are cloud hosted although they may be deployed on-premises in certain situations. The bots are already showing great potential by performing routine tasks and freeing up works for more non-standard work. Complex bots can be created by combining bots so as to complete a series of tasks. Project management bots have created a platform that can be used by project management tools to integrate with other application areas like work stream collaboration. For example, a project management bot can make suggestions and recommendations about what actions should be taken by people and teams. The bots are being touted to have potentially disruptive influence in PM and as such, PPM leaders are encouraged to review the roles of those that are more progress chasing and consider training and development to up skill and retain where appropriate (Elias, 2016). Although it is still in the early days, more conclusive tests can be done to ascertain whether the PM bots have the potential to become a trend in the Portfolio, Project Management (PPM) market or if it is just one of the many hypes in the PPM field.

Human-centered Design

The Human-centered Designstrategy puts people at the center of the design process by employing ethnographic approaches such as design thinking, to gain deeper insight into people, their behavior and needs and designs the various services needed and valued by people(Schoen, 2017). Using this approach, the design process becomes more iterative and inclusive, enabling people customize the process to suit their needs or pref...

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