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Date:  2022-11-16


This leadership training should be an encouragement to the participants rather than an uphill task designed to discourage them. It is important that everyone play the part assigned as best as possible to help the participants achieve their best.

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Message to the Employees

The training program is meant to present an opportunity for everyone to display his or her leadership talents so that such gifts can be shaped in line with the organizational goals and objectives. In line with the theory of reinforcement, the first two best performers will be merited with promotion to management positions. All participant will be provided with certificates of participation (MBA Knowledge Base, n.d.). The certificates will indicate the potentials of the individual participants, so it is not only a matter of becoming number one but also doing the best everyone can.

Program Launch Details

The program will take one month; the first five days will be a talent identification section of the program whereas the remaining three weeks will be the application of leadership talents in achieving the organizational objectives.

The Goals of the Program

  • The organization's objectives are as follows,
  • To tap leadership talents and apply them in the achievement of organizational goals
  • To reward employees for their show of interest in the welfare of the organization

After the identification of the talents, the individual participants will give a road map of how their talents can be used in achieving the mission and vision of the organization as well as aligning them with the organizational culture and values. The program will take two hours in the evening after work, and the participants will be paid overtime so that it does not interfere with the work schedule. The objectives of the participants will be as follows.

  • To identify and display their leadership talents
  • To identify how their leadership talents can be used to achieve the organizational goals

Program Design

Employee selection will be based on current performance levels. Some of the additional considerations will include creative use of tacit knowledge in the organization's success. The employees who have been earmarked for promotion to management positions in the organization are the only ones to participate in the program. Five important metrics will be used in evaluating the current and desired performance of the participants. The metrics include quality, attendance, initiative, efficiency, and helpfulness (Rise Staff, 2018). The employee records will be used during the training to show their prior performances against the desired performance defined by the organization policies. During the training, some of the roles of a supervisor will include observing attendance, timekeeping, commitment to the assigned tasks and the level of success. The supervisor will achieve this by keeping individual records of the participants. The records will be compared to the desired performance levels, which will be used as the grading rubric for the participants.

The program will include courses such as management and strategic leadership. The two courses will be linked to the application of talent in leadership. The instructions will be given using three methods. The methods will include identification of leadership talents, practical application of leadership skills and evaluation. The participants will be guided on how to identify their talents; they will then be made to exercise their skills by presenting challenges and observing their responses. Lastly, the evaluation will be carried out through peer responses and observation of records by the supervisor. Couching can be included in the program by instructing the participants if they make mistakes during the practical part of the mentoring sessions (Half, 2017). Both the knowledge owned by the participants and knowledge sources such as resource persons from others organizations, books, and the internet will be used in the program as a way of considering both outsourced and in-house training contents.


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