Paper Example on Process of the Implementation of Various E-Marketing Strategies

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Date:  2022-06-04

Outline of the Scope and Rationale of the Project

Personally, I am interested in this area of study (e-mail marketing) because Email provides the most important channel for personalization. Personalization of the products presents the best opportunity particularly in digital marketing currently. Email marketing goes beyond just offering services or products online since there is the important aspect that entails the availing the products to the consumers or the potential clients. Retailers lose close to $650 billion to sales returns annually (Mohapatra, 2013, 158). In case the market is saturated with retailers and various brands that offer similar services and products, tailoring the online experience to suit the needs of the buyers in a manner that stands out from the competition. The most difficult aspect of e-marketing is to initiate and maintain the traffic. Moreover, the optimization of the mobile experience and the competition make it difficult to establish a formidable online presence. The hurdles in attaining the right value form investment that entail the apparent lack of the keyword data and the ever changing algorithms, and the sheer size of the social media that makes management quite difficult also present serious challenges.

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The field portends great potential for business and presents opportunities for entrepreneurs if properly explored. In addition, understanding the challenges, the course, trends, and the solutions is of utmost significance since it will permit better methods of conducting business. The study will venture into the potential that e-marketing holds in the business world. Email marketing is currently the leader in reaching out to the clients despite the availability of other platforms such as social media. E-marketing encompasses indirect marketing response and indirect marketing elements that apply various forms of technologies to connect the entities to the customer. In this regard, the study will consider the possible challenges and the benefits of realized by the clients, the firm, and the industry in the process of the implementation of various e-marketing strategies. The study will examine the budgetary, human resources, time, and expertise implication of entire process.

Literature Review

Sending targeted, relevant, and relevant email campaigns requires the marketers to have quality data. The collection of such data entails integrating the emails with the CRM or by using tools that integrate with an e-commerce platform to determine the customer preference and how well they connect with the email content. It is worth noting that the challenges faced by marketers normally depend on the objectives of the business and after usually connected. Therefore, the marketers should apply the quality list data as the starting point for the segmentation of the email lists, retaining the current customers, and personalizing emails. The first challenge faced by the email marketers on the ecommerce platform is the difficulty in improving customer retention (Turban, Outland, King, Lee, Liang, and Turban, 2018, 378). On the issue of brand consideration, there is a notable increase in the customer choice, but a commensurate decrease in the attention span. The marketers have the tedious task of cutting through the clutter and subsequently make an impact in retaining the customer base. Notably, retaining the clients costs much less than acquiring new ones, and helps the business bottom line. The return customers form a healthy pool for any establishment.

Reducing marketing cost is another challenge that the email marketers in the ecommerce platform tend to face. The objective is to reduce cost while simultaneously improving quality. Most ecommerce entrepreneurs face serious challenges in driving traffic to their site. Email marketing accords the investors the ability or the propensity to build lasting relationships with the clients or potential clients for long-term benefits through the provision of the opportunity to share valuable information, guiding the clients through the checkout process, and services such as mart emailing drive traffic thereby increasing the revenue (Hartemo, 2016, 217). Email marketing is currently the leader in reaching out to the clients despite the availability of other platforms such as social media. E-marketing encompasses indirect marketing response and indirect marketing elements that apply various forms of technologies to connect the entities to the customer. The process of online marketing has difficulties associated with the optimization of the mobile experience and the competition that makes it difficult to establish a formidable online presence (Pawlicki, 2016, 3). Additionally, the hurdles in attaining the right value form investment that entail the apparent lack of the keyword data and the ever changing algorithms, and the sheer size of the social media that makes management quite difficult also present serious challenges.

The client demands are seemingly on the rise in terms of diversity, preference, and needs due to the rise in the levels of information and the subsequent enlightenment. The consumers expect to have the ability to shop from anywhere in the globe including when on transit. It is worth noting that the millennials are the leading group in online shopping and the marketers ought to develop content that appeals that particular group. The marketers require a more focused proposition to win the attention of the identified consumers. The retailers and the e-retailers need to apply the digital marketing in an expert manner since the percentage influenced by such a platform is on the rise. Therefore, the future of e-commerce is the omnichannel marketing. In general, the omnichannel spend more (in terms of time and money) than the single channel shoppers, meaning that they form the best market segment for such kind of practice.

It is imperative to develop websites to meet the apparent surge in the numbers of online shoppers witnessed in the contemporary times. Ensuring that all websites have intuitive navigation, fully functional secure payments, and quick loading will go along in making online shopping enjoyable and convenient thereby attracting the necessary traffic. The goal is to make the experience more satisfactory for the shoppers. The first and probably the most significant step is to capitalize on the ever-growing mobile payment. The application of the mobile mode of payment such as the Apple Pay, which offered one touch payment option, attracted many shoppers since it offered the possibility of digital discount vouchers that definitely improved the payment process. The mobile payments have positive influence in the conversion of percentages. The current conversion upsurge witnessed by companies such as Airbob is mainly because of the elimination of the complex payment procedures towards the end of the checkout.

The most fundamental quality of online marketing is the personalization of the contents to suit the demands and the needs of the client. Such is a significant strategies that ensures that the marketers have the much-needed traffic, which essentially ids the most important goal in the online marketing platform (Zhang, Bian, and Zhu, 2013, 75). Personalization takes many forms that include but not limited to the weather-based type applied by the Attic & Button, which is based on the actual weather patterns that allows the homepage to adapt and show the relevant that inform the buyers' decision (Mackey and Liang, 2015, 45). Most clients currently company about retargeting that at times encompass the tedious problem of spam advertisement about a product that the consumers or the shoppers may already have or one that they may not want in the end. Additionally, the adverts seem to lack creativity, meaning that they will do very little to arouse the shoppers' interest. The use of the ad-blockers is essential is tailoring the online content according to the needs of the clients. The ad-blockers classify the products and the services according to the customer demand brands in a way that is creative and distinct. Essentially, the level or the type of engagement becomes quite meaningful and engaging to the shoppers.

In retrospect, the use of the push advertising may not be as successful in the future as it is currently since the mobile retailers prefer the i-app personalized notifications that form a complete break to the one in the market. A small fraction of shoppers is willing to share their location data. The marketers of the email advertising in the e-commerce platform should then try to avoid the apps that reveal the consumers' location since such infringes on their privacy thereby reducing the enthusiasm to use the online apps for shopping. Elimination such features will certainly improve the customer experience since there is the perceive improvement in value. The consumers view unwarranted notifications as service and not advertisement. Improving the conversion and engagement through sending the right message to the intended recipient will improve the customer experience.

It is important to formulate the marketing strategies in manner that is reflective of the changing consumer taste and preferences. For example, a decade ago, the emphasis was on the large volumes of data since the companies thought that the consumers needed the information to make informed choices (Schultz and Peltier, 2013, 87). The shopping patterns are subject to change. The data to measure the consumers' propensity to purchase or not is relevant and will still be relevant even in the future since they form the foundation of understanding the changes in the consumer behavior. Understanding the consumer behavior at a specific time allows the marketers and the companies to offer the best possible pre-purchase touch point. For example, there are apps or software that allows the consumers to try the products by making online pictures of themselves. Such a strategy will boost the consumers' engagement through active participation. The analysis of the consumer data will obviously make it possible to make the assortment choices in both offline and digital stores (Fang et al., 2014, 38). The fashion retailers have the opportunity of offering the any clothe designs in both the digital or physical stores. The opportunity for the marketers arises not because of the popularity of the stores, but due to relevance, that permits the client top try the product. The client may try various collections, meaning that they have the opportunity of choosing from the variety. Understanding modernity and the contemporary customer will provide possible gaps in the customer journey that means that the marketers will offer relevant products. The objective is to use analytics and insights that are relevant in various platforms of email marketing on the e-commerce platform. An example is the Click and Collect app functionality developed by John Lewis that lest the employees determine the proximity of the customers thereby offering personal services to such a client. The strategy saves time for both the client and the store.

The retailers stationed in North America, especially the United State, are the biggest losers in this regard followed by the ones in Europe and Middle East. Therefore, there is the urgent need to minimize the returns since such form the basis of comfortable shopping experience. To mitigate the problem, most of the online retailers offer the option to exchange purchases or the option to return products. Closely related to this is the fact that the customers need the real time visibility of the stock that permit the delivery and the return of goods. That is only possible by developing t...

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