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The lost city of Z: A tale of deadly obsession in the Amazon

In the book "Tale of deadly obsession in the amazon" the life of Percy Harrison is clearly outlined by David Grann in fascination his exploration of the forest. The book is based on a true story on the disappearance of Percy Harrison Fawcett in 1925. He was convicted with the idea that civilization that was lost was hidden in the amazon forest. As a journalist, David Grann also decides to have a mission into the jungle hence providing information about his struggles with fascination and the amazon. Percy was British army lieutenant stationed in Syri Lanka where he met his wife in addition to discovering his love for exploration. It is in this journey that he developed an interest in becoming an explorer, a decision which changed his whole life (Grann, 2011).

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Percy Harrison left Bakairi post and went on with is a journey in central Brazil looking to find lost city he had heard which he doubled it 'Z' following up Xingu River. He was experienced as a veteran who had a reputation of having done six expeditions in South America. The last know information on his dispatch on May 29th. The kalapalo Indian who reported to Dyott was the last to see Fawcett's party before they ventured into unknown territory believed to inhabit Indian tribes who were was concluded that Fawcett's party had been massacred. However several expeditions have been carried out to find out what happened on his disappearance and fascinating details have emerged from time to time up to 1979 where the expedition artifact, his ring was discovered in a Culaba shop (Grann, 2011).

The devil and Sherlock Holmes: Tales of murder, madness, and obsession

The devil and Sherlock Holmes tales of murder, madness, and obsession is a short story essay genre written by David Grann. The book which was first published in 2010 reveals stories and facts which explores the nature of obsession and gather truths and mysteries that are unforgettable. He writes on the infiltration of the US prison system by the murderous Aryan Brotherhood and the tracked down the Europe chameleon corn artist. He reveals the dangerous hidden world in each of his collection of stories. In the novels, Sherlock Holmes world leading expert is discovered dead under mysterious circumstances (Grann, 2010).

David Grann collection of real-life mysteries on peoples obsession which propels them into profound and most times circumstances which are deadly posits a world where truth is undeniably stranger than fiction. Grann hypnotic accounts show the power and willful human spirit perversity throughout his narratives.

Popular justice; a history of criminal justice

In the book, Professor Samuel Walker of criminal justice written in 1980 in the University of Nebraska gives the account of the criminal justice system of America its rapid development in the 19th century and the successive attempts in the 20th century to civil libertarian from progressive in reforming the cumbersome system of justice. Walker argues that the criminal justice system is often unresponsive to the popular opinion while seemingly addressing popular democracy thus leading to justice system controlled by politicians and corruption (Walker, 1980).

Throughout the book, the author stresses the importance of civil liberty and deliberately choosing a set of values that theoretical perspective of social justice in the assessing reforms, historical events, and trends. The racist behavior in the riots of 1919, 1943 and 1960 are not openly discussed hence tension between popular justice and the rule of law. Walker argues that the history of the rule of law is often carried out in community prejudice instead of fairness, and equality thus the struggle for justice should have the principles of democracy with standards of equality and fairness.

The incorporation of America: Culture and society in the gilded age

In the article, the professor Trachtenberg (1982) of the Yale department of American studied synthesizes how culture, values, and way of life are affected by corporate systems. The book covers the events from the end of the civil war to the early 1980's. The incorporation of America is meant to present the new version of America. The historical myth and selected culture interpretations, the conflict between labor and capital, the rise of middle-class and high culture and realist fiction in the 1893 Columbian exposition are presented with a blur of argumentation (Trachtenberg, 1982).

Through the book the culture change is elaborated where new cities, mechanized industries, labor unrest reshaped ideas and the ideals in which American liven in westward expansion. The American society becomes more organized rooted in middle and dominant business class after the civil war.


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