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Section I - Personality and Self-Concept

Discuss your personality strengths and areas of improvement to consider. Use your Milestone Two: SWOT Analysis assignment from Module Four to assist you with this section. Make sure you are considering the feedback you received from your instructor and any additional feedback from your peers, and be sure to clean up any written errors in the submission.

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I term confidence as one of my strengths and is validated by my firm conviction and drive to attain my life's goals and objectives. Being confident will help me and the people I will be leading to develop the right attitude in the workplace which is vital in accomplishing hard tasks. I also maintain a positive attitude which gives me motivation in my endeavors. As a leader, positivity will put me in a position to hope for the best and encourage the people to believe in accomplishing tasks instead of wallowing in self-doubts. Also, I am very responsible, and I take all matters seriously. Being responsible will help me avoid mistakes in the workplace and also monitor people under me. Besides, I am open-minded, an attribute which will help me learn a lot of concepts from people instead of sticking to my ideas. I will also help the people I will be leading feel appreciated as their thoughts will be accommodated. Although I possess a lot of strengths, there are some aspects which I need to improve on. For instance, I need to eliminate my arrogance when defending my goals and objectives which results from being self- confident. Also, I need to improve on being a good listener as I always stick to my line of thought and do not listen to what other people are trying to emphasize. I also need to be less analytical when conversing with friends as I always establish the logic behind their arguments, a matter which has hindered me from adopting their advice. I need to improve on my social relationship since I encounter difficulties when I try to express my feelings and I choose to remain silent.

Section II - Human Interaction Skills

Discuss management skills involved in the engagement and motivation of personnel, and consider the intended impacts on workplace productivity. Reflect back to assignments and resources you reviewed throughout the course to assist you with this section. Make sure you are considering the feedback you received from your instructor and any additional feedback from your peers, and clean up any written errors in the submission.

Communication is vital in maintaining efficient employee interactions in the workplace. Organizations deal with diverse employees which makes it difficult for management to understand the goals and needs of each employee. With the application of effective communication, an organization is in a position to understand the employee interest and provide a conducive working environment (Rajhans, 2012). Effective communication is also used in the provision of the adequate information necessary to complete a particular task, minimizing the omission of crucial information which might stall the production process (Rajhans, 2012). Besides, communication is an imperative skill employed by management to report any structural changes in the organization. Maintaining constant communication with employees improves the connection between the administration and the workers leading to a conducive working environment. It also improves productivity as the administration can quickly identify the skills and talents possessed by the workers and place the workers in positions which they are best suited. At every instant, the workers are aware of the expectations of the organization and work hard to achieve them increasing the productivity of the organization.

Conflict resolution is an essential human interaction skill in the workplace. With the presence of workers with different personalities, conflicts are bound to occur in the workplace (Longe, 2015). Although conflict may involve two employees, other employees may take side leading to two distinct groups in the workplace. Conflict resolution is used to reduce tensions which arise after two parties are involved in disagreements. In this case, conflict resolution helps develop stronger relationships between among employees by supporting the collaboration of workers even in scenarios involving diverse lines of thoughts (Longe, 2015). It helps the involved parties to solve their differences in a peaceful way and avoid further disagreements. It also helps to maintain a conducive working environment which leads to improved production. In this scenario, it allows workers to think beyond their opinions and emotions to make decisions which improve the production process. Conflict resolution is also vital in an organization as it promotes teamwork. In this regard, the employees work in harmony as they do not harbor grudges and ill feelings which support divisions and negatively impact on cooperation.

Section III - Personal Development Plan

For this final section, consider all of the coursework and feedback you received that allowed you to craft sections I and II above. Focus on your personality, self-concept, and human interaction skills you have mentioned to help you form your personal leadership philosophy.

The experience of the human relationship in the administration has helped me develop my leadership philosophy. For example, I have realized that personal attributes contribute to the success of an individual when in a management role. I have learned that the personal qualities possessed by leaders have a substantial effect on the people under their leadership. Even when doing challenging tasks, workers gain motivation from the confidence displayed by their leader. However, the presence of strengths attracts other negative attributes which may hinder leaders unleashing their full potential. When avoiding such negative traits, my leadership philosophy will dwell on personality check to establish whether my personalities affect production process positively or label me as egocentric individuals who only concentrate on issues that solely revolve around me. Also, my philosophy will accommodate human interaction skills such as communication and conflict resolution as they determine the success of a business entity. Communication aids the workers to be aware of what they are required to do at a particular time and the managers are in a position to identify workers skills and talents. On the other hand, conflict resolution helps maintain a conducive environment void of tensions and disagreements promoting teamwork and organizational success.

Lastly, use the provided section below to identify three relevant goals to enhance your skills as a leader. Answer the following questions for each of your goals: What are action steps I can take to achieve this goal, what are potential obstacles I may face, and what is my plan to overcome these obstacles?

Goal #1:

To develop a strategic thinking behavior.What are action steps I can take to achieve this goal? When developing a strategic thinking behavior, I will need to develop an ability to perceive things in a broader context. In this case, I will analyze issues not only according to their immediate effect on the business but also on their effect in the long run. I will also engage in a problem-solving scheme instead of dwelling on what caused the problem. What are potential obstacles I may face when working toward achieving this goal? While working on this goal, I may face challenges such as managerial expectations which focus on immediate results and do not concentrate on the future. Another challenge is finding enough time away from the daily workload to critically think on a most suitable solution to a specific task.What is my plan to overcome these potential obstacles? I will engage myself in a sizable workload which gives me time to finish tasks within the allocated time and still apply critical thinking without experiencing workplace-based stress and burnout.

Goal #2:

To be a good listener. What are the action steps I can take to achieve this goal? I will concentrate on open-headed questions which will aid me in getting the whole concept being communicated by my juniors. I will also major on identifying body languages and facial expressions which will help me get the non- verbal message being passed. What are potential obstacles I may face when working toward achieving this goal? In most of the organizations, speaking is seen as an essential skill than listening and people may get the notion that I am incompetent for a managerial position. Also, active listening requires mental effort, and I might not be in a position to be a good listener when overwhelmed by the workload. What is my plan to overcome these potential obstacles? I will balance my speaking and listening skills to appear convincing and will engage in discussions when I have an average workload.

Goal #3:

To develop effective communication skills.What are action steps I can take to achieve this goal? I will communicate in a clear and a specific manner when expressing my expectations to my juniors. I will also incorporate empathy in my communication by respecting the views of others.What are potential obstacles I may face when working toward achieving this goal? Most of the employees might confuse empathy to cluelessness and resort to doing things in their way. Communicating in a manner which represents authority may be seen as a dictatorial way of running an organization leading to indifferences among the workers.What is my plan to overcome these potential obstacles? I will use a friendly tone when communicating with employees to infer a pleasant working environment, and I will present any information in a precise and easily digestible manner which does not leave workers with questions.

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