Essay on Unleash the Power of Decision Support System (DSS): Flexible, Easy to Develop & Impactful

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Date:  2023-01-26


Decision Support System (DSS) features are flexible and can be altered easily depending on the need of the organization. The Integrated software of DSS helps the IT professionals and administrators to come up with models of data generate analytical reports and deliver them to end users through distinct channels. DSS is easy to develop and to employ since many channels can be formed through single shared metadata. DSS is also good at impacting decisions; it intends to improve accuracy, quality, timeliness, and overall effectiveness of a particular choice or set of related decisions (Noe et al., 400).

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The Differences between a Managerial and a Technical Designer of a DSS

A managerial designer of a DSS defines the management designing issues and the use of DSS that do not involve technical aspects of the system but require roles of the management and goals. The Technical designer of a DSS puts more focus on how the DSS is implemented and addresses questions on; file structure, user access, data storage, and security measures.

An Executive Information System (EIS)

An Executive Information System is a DSS that is used to aid senior executives in their decision-making process by providing a natural access point for crucial information required to attain the strategic goals of the organization.

Two reasons for the failure of an EIS

An EIS fails when the requirements do not represent the actual needs of an organization and due to improper planning, when customers, software engineers, and requirement analysts have difficulties and problems in communicating and understanding each other.

Capabilities of Google Apps for Work

Google Apps for work has aspects of messaging, emailing, and sharing of content. Google Apps offer Web-based emails and workplace communication that include document sharing. They include; Google calendar, Gmail, and Google docs and Google video for business.

Three Examples of New Generation of Electronic Meeting Systems

An electronic meeting system ensures problem-solving and making decisions within a group. Examples of EMS include; Group systems, Team Focus, ad Meeting Works. These systems assist in developing a meeting agenda and generating ideas (Noe et al., 450). It also collects input from all users and displays to everyone.

How and why GISs are used in the Real Estate Industry

GIS users use location as their origin of geographical data. The data to be used is determined by the accuracy of the site. Both real estate and GIS place a high value on the essence of the location. These aspects enable GIS to be used as a tool of value in many conventions of real estate. The tasks performed by geospatial technology include; analysis of market and research of property by analyzing comparable sales in a given location and conducting research on similar properties that have been sold recently. It does spatial analysis by providing the realtor and the seller an ability to showcase the advantages and aspects of the property in respect to its location (Noe et al., 466).

Four Recommendations for Designing a Successful MSS

A Successful Management Support System requires knowing the criteria and objectives which that it needs to work under, to aid in managerial decision making. This is done if the MMS has support from the top management (Noe et al., 500).

In designing a successful MMS, there should be an association between managers, stakeholders, and other designers. The writing on the development of the Information System recommends that users have to be included in the design process.

In designing MMS, the Critical Success Factors (CFS), can be utilized to identify the data needed by the managers. Critical success factors are necessary for a particular manager to attain their objectives.

An MMS design approach should be based on modern management approaches and theories, which can give support to the MSS designers in their design work and enhance communication with users and managers (Noe et al., 501).

Works Cited

Noe, Raymond A., et al. Human resource management: Gaining a competitive advantage. New York, NY: McGraw-Hill Education, 2017.

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