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Date:  2022-07-21


The New Zealand economy has been very dormant for quite a long time and hence making the country to be unknown to many. However, of late New Zealand has developed rapidly with marketing as one of the areas which constitute to the same. It has been witnessed recently with much concern the surfacing of the various business organization in New Zealand which are coming growing very fast to meet the standards. It is, however, very hard for these business organizations to meet their obligations and goals due to numerous managerial challenges that they face.

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Firms and organizations require well-laid structures and good administrative skills to thrive well especially in the modern competitive market where the survival is left for the strongest. It calls for the employment of qualified and innovative managers who are able to come up with new ideas and translate them into actions for the betterment of the firm. In New Zealand, the firms that I would choose includes Weta studios and Air New Zealand. These two organizations remain to be some of New Zealand's best companies ever.

1. Weta Studios

Weta studio is a group of digital studios which are behind some of the major blockbusters which include; The Lord of the Rings, The Hobbit, Avatar, The Avengers, and many more. The studios operate in the capital city of New Zealand and are open for visits for a behind-the-scenes tour. As a result of their popularity, these studios are operated by qualified personnel who ensure that the daily activities and the missions and objectives of the studios are met.

Management Issues

Like any other organization, Weta studios Organization is faced with numerous managerial issues which include; poor management which has resulted in capital syphoning and instances of corruption within the firm. Most of the leaders end up misusing the firm's finances hence leaving the firm broke and unable to cater for their own expenses.

Another challenge which the organization is facing is the challenge of high competition from other global studios such as the webmasters. It, therefore, means that Weta Studios must work very hard to remain relevant and true to the course.

The last problem is the political interference. Lack of political goodwill has made the operation of Weta studios to be faced with different instances of failures. Some politicians wish to control the business which thus leads to instability of the business and poor performance.

2. Air New Zealand

Air New Zealand is one of the best business organization. The business is a state-owned parastatal which is publicly owned in the stock exchange. The business has been marred with very many irregularities leading to huge losses which have been witnessed in the organization for a long time.

Management Issues

Poor leadership skills which have made the organization make a consistent loss over quite a long period of time and hence making the shareholders and other investors to shy away from investing in the same.

Non-multicultural experience which makes the leaders think locally hence making it very hard for the business to expand rapidly as expected.

The management theories related to the above issue are human relations management theory and systems theory. Approach.

Human relations management theory

Human relations theory uses a human-centered approach which emphasizes the capacities of individuals to act autonomously hence actively gears management towards bringing out the full potential of the human resource they employ. It aims at a holistic approach of mutual benefits between the employees and the organization.

Systems theory approach

System theory approach considers holistic patterns in scientific contexts aiming at achieving an integrated and balanced whole in business. Its main features include identifying the overall goal of the organization, working and putting measures to help achieve the goals.

Rational to avert the issues

The managerial issues facing the above companies can be subverted through the use of appropriate management models to ensure excellent employer-employee relationship. The employees must be motivated to make them become innovative and very competitive. Similarly, minimizing political interference serves as a better option in ensuring that the organizations remain autonomous in their operations.

In order to make the economy to grow even further, it is very imperative that more effort to be put on the marketing to enhance the growth of industries. Most companies have been producing similar goods in the market hence making competition to be very high. Firms must, therefore, become very innovative to outsmart other competitors. The best way to deal with the menace of competition is to adopt a digital platform which will help the firm to control more market at very little costs hence making them establish a strong customer base. From the findings and analysis of the thesis, the following recommendations are necessary for efficiency and effective implementation of the same project.

In the past, most companies invested heavily in the manual marketing platform which has been existence for quite a long time hence derailing the development of the digital platform. The results have been low marketing output compared to input. At the same time, the country's internal industries have been the main victims suffering massive losses since they have been outsmarting by the international firms giving them higher competition since they are well off and understand best the digital platform. In order to revive these industries, the government should overhaul the education system and instruct the higher learning institutions to incorporate a digital marketing course in their modules. The course will be responsible for imparting knowledge to the leaners who will be required to promote the digital industry.


New Zealand for a long time has been unnoticed in the world map. However, due to business, the country has come to limelight by inventing in different businesses such as transport, photography and infrastructural development. The greatest challenge remains to be managing these businesses which are on their knees as most of them are facing face out due to poor management. The government needs to move very fast to ensure that they help contain this occurrence by providing guidelines and expertise to control the business organizations.


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