Paper Example on Internship in Restaurant

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Date:  2022-12-19

What are the key elements of the products and services offered by your internship organization?

My internship organization, Mosimann's is a luxurious restaurant that offers private dining in London. The critical elements of the products and services provided at the organization are privacy and luxury since all the dining rooms are furnished with distinguished marques sponsored by companies such as Bentley, Garrard, Montblanc and Parmigiani Fleurier (Mossiman's, 2019).

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How do you feel that the organization focuses on each of the elements of these products and services, and what overall level of priority is given to the customer and the achievement of as high a level of customer satisfaction as possible?

I feel motivated that the organization focuses on the elements mentioned above of the products and services since the elements dictate how well the company will be positioned in the consumer market. Focusing on the aspects of luxury and privacy nurtures loyalty in customers and enhances the rate of returning customers. A high level of priority is given to the customers since the management acknowledges their contribution to the advancement of the business agenda and achievement of organizational strategies (BBC Studios, 2011). The company regularly collects feedback from the customers in a bid to understand their opinions regarding the restaurant. Collection of feedback further makes the management aware of the preferences of the customers allowing a progressive change management approach (Hill & Alexander, 2017). The company can also conduct surveys to identify customer satisfaction in specific areas such as the cuisine, the dining rooms, customer relations, and other departments.

Which areas of focus do you believe should be the focus of the management of your organization, in order to improve levels of customer satisfaction?

I believe the organization should focus more on the areas of customer feedback to improve the levels of customer satisfaction. Collecting feedback allows organizations to understand their customers more (Payne et al., 2017). The organization should also show a significant focus on market research to improve their menus and product portfolio continually. Market research and forecasting allow organizations to anticipate future momentum of the market and plan their supply chain management accordingly (Weinstein & Pohlman, 2015).


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