Paper Example on Information Management System

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Date:  2022-05-16


An information management system (IMS) can be defined as the general term that is used to identify a software designed to facilitate the storage, organization and the retrieval of data. The learning management system falls under IMS but a more detailed category of the information management system. Learning management system is a software application system for a learning institution that conducts the following functionalities; administration, documentation, tracking, reporting, and delivery of the educational courses or the provided training programs in a learning institution (Conde, Miguel A., et al). SolBridge international school of business is one of the leading learning institutions in Daejeon, South Korea and has been considering the acquisition of a learning management system for the school. It is important to analyze some critical factors so as to see the appropriate decision for the institution.

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It is essential first to consider the financial implications of the project and if the institution is in a position to afford the expenses associated with the installation of a learning management system. The school has to invest in an Information Technology sector which is responsible for the management of the system. The IT sector with at least two personnel needs to be in place so as to reduce the maintenance expenses of running the system. The institution also needs to be in a position to purchase the required computing system where the software is to operate from as well as a storage service provider for the secure backing up of the institution's data. The institution also needs to factor in the expenses required to purchase and install the system. The charges for most of the systems are monthly subscriptions which range from $50 to $200. All these financial requirements are to be met by SolBridge Institution. Considering the school's financial position, it is financially possible for the implementation of the project.

There are multiple advantages associated with the implementation of the system. The system provides unlimited access to learning materials for the learners in the institution; this dramatically improves the academic performance of SolBridge learners. The system also enables an easy way of tracking the progress and performance of the learners. It becomes easy to academically monitor all the learners in the institution by the administration. The system helps in the management of the learners' records. A problem that faces many of the learning institutions. The implementation of the system by the school helps eliminate the problem since all operations are automated (Conde, Miguel A., et al). The system also reduces the learning and development time as well as cost. This is through the integrated functionalities in most of the systems which enable the download of learning materials, providing online learning for the students which reduces on the transport expenses as well as time spent moving to the different destinations for the lectures for both the instructors and the students

There are a few weaknesses with the acquisition of the LMS which includes some vital learning skills can hardly be delivered online. With the implementation, the users of the system may find no reason to access the classes hence the physical skills acquisition may be affected. The system also reduces the interaction between the users such as the learners which is one of the essential skills for there communication purposes. Students may lack the opportunity to interact with each other build their confidence while interacting (Conde, Miguel A., et al). Despite the few weaknesses, the LMS systems advantages outweigh the weaknesses.


It is recommendable for the institution to implement the learning management system due to the observed advantages or the strengths associated with its implementation. There are a few LMS which can flawlessly deliver the requirements of SolBridge institutions such as; Adobe Captivate Prime, Docebo LMS, Talent LMS, The Academy LMS and many others.

Work Cited

Conde, Miguel A., et al. "An evolving Learning Management System for new educational environments using 2.0 tools." Interactive Learning Environments 22.2 (2014): 188-204.

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