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Date:  2022-08-10

Smoak Technologies

This is one of the largest private companies in the country right now. It is a nongovernmental organization that deals in software production. Most of the software they produce is for student-use. Thus they have a broad market. The company has a large board of directors and makes a lot of profit. They stand a good chance of becoming our granters because they are trying to ensure that students have a simple life in school (Oztaysi, Onar, Goztepe, & Kahraman, 2017). The company is first on the list since it is well known for funding school projects to boost the students' performance in school and also their lifestyle in school. We stand an excellent chance since our project mainly is for the good of the student's welfare at school and also the school at large.

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Palmer Production and Events

This is also one of the companies think will be willing to fund the project. It was founded a few years ago and has invested in a few projects in the country. Most of the projects have been successful. Two of the projects are school-based which proves that they have interests in this kind of projects. The company does production of various films and videos and also plan events. Most of their work is usually motivational talks and event that are attended by students. Since this project is school-based and it means that it stands a chance of attracting their chance and they may be interested in funding the project (Oztaysi, Onar, Goztepe, & Kahraman, 2017). They are known to venture in fields that prioritize the student's welfare, and this project is mainly for the student care. The company will likely be impressed by this. Thus we might be able to make them agree to fund the project.

National School Fund

Thirdly, thus is the humanitarian nongovernmental organization. Their main aim is to ensure that students in all schools are well taken care of. They have invested heavily in most schools. Since they have done so in many areas, it means that the chances of them spending here are low. This is because they may have their hands full already since most of the schools are approaching them when they have any project. We might still stand a chance. Thus we have to try and contact them. They might be interested in the project from when we start it will be a trend since it will favor the student life thus most campuses will invest in the idea. This means that they will have achieved something in their school support area (Rip, 2018).

The School Bureau

This is the government's school support and fund organization. The organization was started last year, and it is there to support all schools in all the projects they have. The government provides a fund for the organization to facilitate any plans that they have shown interests in. this makes them quite effective, and that is why most of the schools are trying to reach them. Its main aim is to ensure that the students in all the school get a good quality education and also a good learning environment. They invest in large projects which will are durable and will provide service to the students for an extended period (Rip, 2018). This means that they mainly invest in projects that support the student's study life, especially in class. They primarily build classes labs and other facilities. Thus our plan may not fully satisfy their need for it to qualify for their funding. We have a forty percent chance of approval from this company. This means that we are to give it a try and do our best in explaining the whole project and the idea so that they understand it well.

Mack Publishers

The fifth company is an organization belonging to one of the country's wealthiest people. It's like a family business thus it is quite hard to impress them or even get their attention. The chances of them funding any project are always quite low. In most cases, the company funds projects that are mainly business oriented. The company deals in the publishing of books and is one of the largest and well-known companies in this sector. They have a behavior of investing in projects that they will gain from either directly or indirectly. Since this is a school project, they will increase indirectly in that the students will buy books from them and also the school will acquire some of the material from them (Oztaysi, Onar, Goztepe, & Kahraman, 2017). If possible, they will offer to fund the project if they are given a clean market deal by the school as assurance. We have a very low possibility on this since getting such an agreement to work quite hard we need to ensure that we are well prepared.


Oztaysi, B., Onar, S. C., Goztepe, K., &Kahraman, C. (2017). Evaluation of research proposals for grant funding using interval-valued intuitionistic fuzzy sets. Soft Computing, 21(5), 1203-1218.

Rip, A. (2018). Science institutions and grand challenges of society: A scenario. In Futures of Science and Technology in Society (pp. 35-47). Springer VS, Wiesbaden.

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