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As defined by Bezemer (2008), deep vein thrombosis is a condition whereby the blood clot (thrombus) is formed in one or more deep veins of the body, especially in the leg. The condition can further lead to either swelling or paining on the leg, but also can occur without any symptoms. The condition develops if someone is considered to be having some particular medical conditions that influence the blood clots. Additionally, it can be formed if you position your legs in one posture for a long time, and after an accident or surgery, or even when confined to bed. Deep vein thrombosis is a serious condition especially because the blood clots in the vein can break loose, and travel through the bloodstream and it lodges into the lungs, leading to the blocking of the blood flow (pulmonary embolism).

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According to Dr. Mohamed A. Zayed, venous thromboembolism has affected between 300,000 to 60,000 patients in the United States, and among the patient, there are 60,000 to 90,000 patients that will, later on, develop pulmonary embolus. In his interview, Dr. Zayed converses on the use of the AngioVac device towards its role in offering an alternative to existing therapies that are effective in the treatment of the venous thromboembolism. Since there are reduced intrusive therapies in existence, the AngioVac System has offered a breakthrough towards facilitating the removal of the fresh en bloc, soft emboli or thrombi. As noted by Dr. Zayed, AngioVac can be used in an extensive range of areas such as the neck.

The most interesting fact about what has been presented by Dr. Zayed is the way vein thrombosis is approached, by conducting the venous ultrasound to assess the extent of the thrombosis in pelvis or abdomen. Vein thrombosis is treated by the use of cathode directed thrombolysis which involves the use of the chemical agent to dissolve the blood clot in the venous structure of the patient. Alternatively, it can be treated through the process of thermoformochamochemical thrombolysis where there is the use of the cathode or device.

Advantages of AngioVac device is that:

  • It is percutaneously performed since small incisions are applied at the base of the groin or the neck.
  • It removes large quantity if thrombin without having the fragment the thrombus in the patient, the, therefore, decreasing the chances of tissue damage.
  • No need to use thrombolytic

The patient that is considered as a candidate for AngioVac procedure meets the following criteria:

  • Have a large volume thrombus of the venous structure of either abdomen or pelvis or right atrium of the heart.
  • Patient contraindicated for thrombolysis procedure
  • The patient who is intolerant of open surgery

AngioVac device is made up of two components, which are:

  • Centrifugal Pump Console
  • Saline Bag
  • Filter

The conditions for the patients who are not considered to be the candidate for the procedure have the following factors:

  • They cannot tolerate any form of the surgical procedure due to their intranets or disability condition
  • They are intolerant to anticoagulation drugs since the patient needs to be maintained in the anticoagulation for the rest of the procedure.

The patient can seek the consultation either an inpatient or outpatient. As an inpatient, it will take one day to review, while as the outpatient it will take a week to complete the review.


Bezemer, I. D., Bare, L. A., Doggen, C. J., Arellano, A. R., Tong, C., Rowland, C. M., ... & Rosendaal, F. R. (2008). Gene variants associated with deep vein thrombosis. Jama, 299(11), 1306-1314.

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