Paper Example on Culture of Learning

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Date:  2022-07-08

The Situation That Can Be Considered a Whitewater Condition

The societal conditions such as the present culture of learning make it impossible to encourage learning (Luke, 2018). For instance, in a situation where the program presenter comes in late in the conference hall. He does not bother to provide enough handouts to the learners, making learning becomes ineffective.

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Additionally, in the company or any professional learning centre, the number of videotapes equipment and the presence of computer terminals increase at each place in the hall irrespective of the subject under discussion. The corporate training directors assume that with much of these facilities in the conference hall there is a significant or effective learning strategy. However, this is not the case because whatever the facility they provide, does not rely on the subject of discussion.

The Characteristics That Could Have Been Avoided

Learners need to avert characteristics of being a beginner always and every day. In most cases, learners tend to practice doing things about their cultural practice. Therefore, this drags the attention of most learners to bear characteristics of not performing in their activities. Consequently, learners should focus on valuing activities that advance their performance and be performers. Learners need to be competent to achieve all the desired goals set within their projects and programs. Competency helps learners identify some of their main strengths and weakness to create meaningful objective and programs that have a mastered knowledge of completion.

The Outcome of the Situation

The situation outcome for most learners often tends to be worse. As such, most learning institutions lack proper facilities that promote effective learning. Therefore, learners find it hard to move from the cultural practices to be important performing people within the society. The situation incorporates learners not to understand the reasons as to why they undergo learning probably when the person in charge of education comes late in the conference to educate. Some of the questions learners ask here are, why the assessors take much time in having breakfast. Situations such as the presentation of a few handouts to learners by presenters are one major challenging outcome. As such, most learners especially those described to take time in learning will need to go through the handout to review they learnt. Therefore, the situation may be a challenge to such learners.

Methods of Dealing With the Problem

By taking learning as a way of being, it will be easy to deal with the problems in the world of whitewater condition. Therefore, learners should endure the whitewater conditions that are ever existing in the present culture. Those handling the learning programs such as the professional organizations of the conference learning centres should use the facilities that are necessary or significant to the subject of the discussions they carry out. Those providing education should avoid giving meaningless learning experiences and leave the learners unsure of how he or she is going to live productively in the chaotic organization of the present and the future. Therefore, they should give good skills in learning to avoid such challenges of whitewater.

Conflicts Between Institutional Learning and Learning

Provision of the facilities that do not make learners to acquire the right skills in the learning institutions. For instance, facilities such videotapes in learning halls which do not necessarily rely on the subject of discussion. Creation of less institutional learning to support learning. In most cases, experience hardship in delivering various concepts to learners since there are no adequate institutions of learning and learning facilities, therefore most learners fail to understand what they are taught. Learners gain slow experience to handle activities that can change their cultural practices to an individual with basic to perform and transform the society.


Luke, A. (2018). Genres of power: Literacy education and the production of capital. In Critical Literacy, Schooling, and Social Justice (pp. 161-185). Routledge.

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