Paper Example on Building Trust & Strengthening Relationships: Creating an Emotional Bank Account

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Date:  2023-01-03

An emotional bank account is an account that is based on building trust with an individual instead of money. The account is based on how safe, and the individual feels in the presence of another person. There are six main ways to deposit or withdraw from an emotional bank account. The process involves understanding the person by listening to what they are saying and empathizing with their feelings, keeping commitments, clarifying the expectation, attending to the little things, showing personal integrity and apologizing after making a withdrawal. When an emotional bank account is in red. When an emotional bank account is in red, it is characterized by various signs such as the feelings of resentment, guilt, and mistrust and feels as if you owe something to someone else. The essay will discuss the sense an emotional bank account in red by establishing a relationship with a person followed by the description of the situation, and the use of empathic communication approaches and skills to enhance the understanding of the relationship.

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After interacting with an individual who trusted me with their personal feelings, I validated my assumptions that here emotional bank account was in red. The client in the case kept complaining that she was undergoing a phase of financial instability together with her husband. The couple was in a reasonably good financial shape until the husband was demoted in his workplace. The poor economic state disrupted most of their plans for the future and the capability of catering for the children without a lot of strain. During the conversation, I could identify that the adverse financial state caused the couple to fight frequently and this was affected by the client. The couple had been in a happy and satisfactory feeling for a long time until they were faced by the financial situation which caused broke them apart. The client in the case appeared to be devastated and with the feeling of resentment and mistrust towards her husband.

The emotional bank account can be compared to a regular bank which works on a system of withdrawing and depositing. In an ordinary bank, deposits are made to build the account and accumulate a large amount of savings. When a withdrawal is made, it reduces the amount of money in the bank. In an emotional bank account, the deposits are made by doing various things that build the relationship. A withdrawal in the emotional bank account involves doing the things that decrease the level of trust in the relationship. The balance of trust in the emotional bank account determines the ability to communicate and solve problems with another individual. In the case study, the client`s emotional bank account is going through a phase of withdrawal which subsequently makes it red. The account balance is low and overdrawn since the couple does not have trust and authentic communication between each other. The couple is living on the edge since each partner misunderstands all the intentions including the real motives.

Basically, empathic listening does not suggest a supporting mentality on your part; it implies having the fullest comprehension, as profound as conceivable at the scholarly and passionate dimension of your questioner. Compassionate listening includes considerably more than a chronicle, reflecting, or notwithstanding understanding the words verbally expressed. Correspondence specialists state that in all actuality, just 10 percent of our correspondence is done through words. Another 30 percent are sounds and 60 percent non-verbal communication. When listening vehemently, tune in with your ears, however really tune in with your eyes and heart. Tune in and see sentiments, implications. Tune in to Behavioral Language. You will likewise utilize the privilege and left cerebrum halves of the globe. Empathic listening is a tremendous store into the Affective Account, has a remedial and mending impact.

During my interview with the client, she used several quotes that she suggested that her emotional bank account was in red. For example, she said, "I am emotionally drained while in this relationship, and I hope that the future will be favorable." She also said, "my children are no longer happy since we are not in a position of providing everything they want." In another instance, she said, "the last seven years have been awesome until this year when we went broke and started fighting over minor issues." These quotes showed that she was not happy in her current situation and she was hopeful for a better future where she would have a better life together with her husband and children.

I used my empathic communication approaches and skills to understand my understanding of this relationship by engaging the client in an open and friendly conversation to build trust and a free environment where she could express all her feelings and sentiments. From the start of the interview, I understood that she was having a bad day and I adjusted by being kind and listening to the client to give her a chance of offloading her issues. I also used several magic words such as "I am sorry" and "things will get better." These words gave the client a constant assurance, and she provided a detailed account of the issues that she was facing.

Compassion encourages you not to fear outsiders. On the off chance that you would prefer not to carry on with a desolate life and feel like everybody is against you, at that point you have to take a shot at your empathic relational abilities. Sympathy causes you to comprehend that each individual shares a ton for all intents and purpose with you and we are to a great extent following similar objectives. It advises you that we are hereditarily customized to think about each other and to help other people. Along these lines, empathic correspondence, in the most straightforward definition, implies appearing another individual that they are tuned in to and that their inward universe (contemplations, feelings, frames of mind, values, and so forth.) is being comprehended. Going into the universe of other individuals and seeing what they see isn't something simple, yet it causes us to abstain from making the wrong suspicion and misinterpretations about the individual we converse with.


During the interview, I used various autobiographical responses such as probing, evaluation, advising and interpreting. These responses enabled me to assess the situation and determine the right approaches to helping the client. I used probing by incorporating an environment where the client could trust me and disclose all her feelings. I did this by being friendly and using a calm tone that matched the client`s mood. I evaluated the client by observing her facial expressions and inquiring about her history in marriage and financial status. This made me realized that the main issue was the adverse economic condition. I advised the client by giving her a constant reassurance that, complimenting her about the positive aspects of her life such as the ability to be strong during the difficult time. After interpreting the situation, I understood the significance of being mindful for another person and connecting with him or her during tough times. I also realized the importance of expressing a daily appreciation and remembering and appreciating the positive emotional bank deposits.

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