Reflection on TED Talk by Vern Myers Essay

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Wordcount:  608 Words
Date:  2022-06-17

There are many talks in various sites that evoke insightfully thoughtful and reflective imaginations in the minds of individuals. One of them is TED Talk by a black American lady, Vern Myers. She talks about relationship and the need for a seamless blend between that whites and the black Americans. She tries black Americans hare too human beings like other people and thus the need for them to get embraced in the society since they are also part of the forces that can foster change now and into posterity. She cites an example of famous black American artists, determined soldiers, great comedians, scientists, able leaders and fathers, famous athletes and ether impeccable talents. She also touches a little about the American history where black Americans have been marginalized by the Whites, some tortured in scenarios like horror movies and others even murdered and denied their rights simply because of their black skin complexion. She ends her speech with the hope that it is possible or black Americans to get embedded in the mainstream of the larger American society for the better. It is a talk that sparks a myriad of deep realizations in mind. They include the possibility of slaying a dragon of racism, importance of friendship, the need for cohesion, integration and cooperation for a common goal and purpose, judging people basing on their abilities and not trivializing them on grounds of color, the need to embrace history and learn from it so as to improve the future as well being open to ones loved ones and speaking the truth even if it is not pleasing, they will then change for the better.

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First, the talk has ignited a thoughtful process concerning the possibility of slating a dragon of racism, construction of friendship and the need for cohesion and cooperation for a mutual purpose. The thought roots from her mention of the previously long-standing racism waged by the native Americans on the black Americans. In such a case, there has not been any benefit from the vice apart from the malicious bloodshed and denial of opportunities to the black Americans. Thought of the possibility and ability to end tribalism in our societies for the good of all is paramount in mind. The imagination of how heaven like our societies would be in collaboration and friendship too flashes the mind.

Also, a thought on the need to place people on appropriate standards based on their abilities to perform and deliver as opposed to their skin complexions and the nature of family trees rings in mind. In this case, a fair and rewarding society will be molded, divergently accommodating people of all works of lives and at the same time giving room for equal opportunities to emerging talents, ensuring a promising future for all and a great society. Also, TED talk ignites an inner self-reflection on the behavior an attitude towards others whose capabilities are below ours. It thus put pressure on once inner self to look and take anybody as a deserving human being who can also add value to anybody else in life. Moreover, the talk sparks an inner truth that our loved ones ought to be told the truth however bitter they are since it will go a long way in positively influencing their lives, rather than hiding the facts.


Cumulatively, TED Talk by Vern Myers is a powerful speech igniting positive self-reflectional and insightful thoughts regarding how we ought to behave in society. It ignites reflections on inner self concerning such things as being fair, the need for cooperation and being even eyed. It is thus an epic piece worth watching and learning from.

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