Paper Example on Bottled Water vs Tap Water

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Date:  2022-06-19


Water is an essential component in ensuring normal functioning of human organs Their daily activities such as working, walking, breathing and sweating leads to a loss of water for our bodies. The amount of water lost needs to be replaced, and it is therefore critical to ensure the water that we consume is clean and safe. The debate on the type of water that we should drink has been going on for years. Some people believe tap water is safer than bottled water. Most of the opinions are not based on research or facts but heresy and the fancy adverts by the bottling companies.

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The growth of bottled water companies is not an indicator of the cleanliness of the water but the changing perception of people over drinking water.

Economically Viable

The cost of buying bottled water is more than the bills incurred in paying for tap water. It is, therefore, an economic decision to go for tap water rather than bottled water. In the harsh economic conditions, it is financially, smart to use the money where necessary. The decision on whether to use bottled water should, therefore, be weighed between its health and financial benefits. Since it is already established that there are not health downfall for using tap water, there should be not a reason to spend money on a commodity that can be availed for free. However, an individual traveling to areas that do not have clean water or are not sure about the hygiene of the tap water can carry bottled water for health reasons. I am therefore of the opinion that people should save money and spend it on products that they need and cannot get them for free like tap water.

Same Regulations Standard as Tap Water

Some people drink bottled water because they believe it is safe than tap water. However, the notion is not true because some laws and regulations ensure tap water and bottled water are safe for human consumption (The Telegram). The amounts of chloride and other components used have to pass a certain threshold to be sold. Additionally, tap water has to undergo regular check-up to ensure they adhere to the set standards. In contrast to bottled water that has to pass the inspection before they are bottled. Once they are sealed up, they can stay in the shelves for months before they are sold. When the water is opened, it also has to be consumed within a specified period before it gets contaminated. The only difference between the two is the carbonation and the fancy packaging that is put on the product.


Bottled water is not only expensive, does not have any health benefits, but it is also bad for our environment. The majority of the bottles that are disposed of after use end up as waste products. The waste product is terrible for the environment because it does not decompose. Although companies are making efforts to recycle their bottles, a majority of them end up in landfills. According to a UN report, plastic is emerging as the biggest threat to the ocean ecosystem (United Nation). The use of plastic is therefore negatively affecting the lands as well as the ocean. Given the above concern, it is prudent to say that the use of bottled water should be minimized unless when necessary. The financial, environmental and health factors do not, therefore, support the need for the large-scale use of bottled water.

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