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Marketing is a dynamic process that changes drastically with every turn of time. The new modes of marketing communication that includes the modernized communication strategies have only served to revolutionalize the marketing venture in modern society. Te 21st Century marketing strategies have been swallowed in the endless struggle to maintain relevance in the overcrowded and highly competitive market field (Ottman, 2017). The evolution of the marketing communication has seen the change from the word of mouth communication form of marketing to the modernized and through marketing tools. While the dynamics of the 21st-century marketing remain versatile, the emergence of the new marketing tools such as the business websites, SEO, social media email marketing online marketing and blogs have had a far-reaching effect in the marketing venture in the 21st century.

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21st Century Digital Marketing Communication Tools

Business Websites

A business site is one of the most valuable an individuals or a company will have as their marketing tool. The modern society is set such that the moment an individual seeks to find information about a company, the first thing they do is to search for it online. Having a reliable business website provides the most accurate means by which one can communicate to the consumers and potential stakeholders (Kitchen & Burgmann, 2015). A business website provides more than just a marketing platform for the products and services but also forms the platform for interaction between the customers and the business.

The rationale for using the business website as a marketing tool is that it provides a gate pass to the access through other marketing tools such as social media and the SEO tools. The business website contains other details such as the social media contacts, email, and blogs links on its interface. With the continued evolution of technologies, it has become easy to create a business website and to find a host domain to keep it online (Ottman, 2017).


The 21st Century society sends most of their time with their phones or computer devices. While traveling one is always checking their periodic interesting pieces of information. The captivating headlines and narration about a new product or alert over new trends in the market form the juice of all the online information one needs to keep abreast with the latest updates pertaining to the market trends as well as the emerging news (Royle & Laing, 2014).

Bloggers are qualified individuals who use the market specific terms to attract the attention of the readers. They also use their large circle of followers to create an almost unbreakable chain of connection between them and the series of followers. The relevance of blogging is that the consumers will always find real-time information concerning new services and items in the market. Blogging, however, is most useable among the people that like reading. It is best for the marketing of trendy products in the market while also keeping it in line with the speedy changes in the marketing world.

Search Engine Optimizers (SEO)

The 21st-century customer base is an informed one. Access to information and products is just a button away. Every time an individual searches for an item online, the results that follow after are massive and vast. One is likely to open the links to the first sites that appear from the search filter. Therefore, a business entity using the SEO mode of marketing needs to boost its chances of appearing among the first five items on the search engine (Royle & Laing, 2014). Google, for instance, remains the most used search engine globally followed by Yahoo and Bing among others. The competition on the Google engine is very stiff such that a customer who types a random word is likely to miss out your business from the list of contenders. Therefore, as a business, one has to include as many key works in their sites to increase their success chances as much as they can (Kitchen & Burgmann, 2015). The use of SEO is competitive and chances of missing out are high, this may mean that one should hire the best of the SEO engineers to design their site to accommodate all the potential terms relevant to their business.

Email Marketing

The modern society is informed on all the official modes of communication. Emails remain a primary mode of official communication among the workforce as well as the private citizens. It is likely that everything that hits your inbox is traded with utmost seriousness that it deserves. Taking advantage of this case, a business can effectively use the email marketing to send random marketing sponsored messages to all the account holders. For instance, a business entity can use Gmail or Yahoo mail team to send random marketing messages to all their clients concerning their products and hope to get the attention they deserve. Business can also take the leeway provided by email users to subscribe to regular updates from the respective business companies (Siricharoen, 2013). This is good chance to market the latest products and services that the businesses offer.

Social Media

Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp Telegram are some of the most used social media accounts in the world. The 21st Century person is addicted to these social media channels through which their communicate and interact with their friends. Facebook, for instance, have a large circle of friends and groups through which individuals with a common interest can interact (Siricharoen, 2013). Businesses have been using these social media channels by making a single post but reaching a wide range of consumers all at once. The social media has become part of modern life and can only grow bigger.

Online Marketing Analytics

The use of online marketing analytics has proven to be a sure means of modern marketing strategy. The use of these online marketing platforms continue to attract a large following from a wide range of users, thus it has kept its relevance. The factors that determine the relevance of the online marketing analytics are the load speed, the SEO strength as well as the click-through rate (Nowell, 2014). The relevance of the online marketing analytic ist that they are information issued by professionals, thus the seriousness one takes upon a product endorsements.


The modern marketing strategies are diverse. The rationale for the use of the 21st-century marketing tools is prompted by the relevance of the products and the target market (Nowell, 201. The digitalization of the marketing strategies has opened room for creativity and improvements in the marketing world for all to benefit.


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