Out of Class Learning: Poetry in Motion Experience - Essay Sample

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Date:  2023-03-22


My examination of the learning experiences from outside class learning environment was a fascinating experience. Focusing on reading learning purposes, learning from the outdoor classroom was significant in enhancing my learning and adaptability to the learned knowledge. Outside class learning provided key learning activities that are part and parcel of the multiple intelligence learning. Poetry in motion was interactive learning (Hussar et al., 2015). The class was divided into groups, with each group assigned a different poem to recite while on a circular motion. It was so easy to memorize the words of the poem from a relaxed environment.

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My experiences in "now hear this" reading style have helped me to understand the diverse views of learning. Participating in response to the narrated stories and task requirements appeared to be more like a motivational approach to learning. The whole reaction to task activity was encouraging and supportive, especially in cases where other fellow students needed support.

I am in a better position to identify the various signs that a learner needs some assistance and respond promptly based on the learner's needs. Recitations and rhymes' experience was an opportunity to identify various oral language abilities. Most of the learners portrayed difficulties in speaking out many complex words like "Bilingualism." Students had to repeat such terms to get well acquainted with them. The fact that students were able to recall these words manifested a significant role of outside class learning to learning ability.

Story talk learning was also a remarkable experience. We shared stories of learning experiences amongst ourselves. From my observation, I noted a dying need for learning support from teachers. Half of the class members manifested family background issues about their learning in class. This experience challenged my prior knowledge of viewing and classifying my fellows based on their physical appearances.

The significance of outside learning is to offer the required knowledge that can't be easily applied in the classroom environment in achieving better levels of the learning process (Hussar et al., 2015). Additionally, learning from outside class facilitates the identification of multiple solutions to the existing classwork challenges by embracing a collaborative learning environment.

Learning from outside class engages the mind of the learner in all the various visual portrays in the process of learning. The information is first stored on the learner's short term brain memory for the first time. Constant repetitive activities enable the learner to have a vivid knowledge of the learning information is stored permanently in the long-term memory. The outside class learning process reinforces learning with the case studies for the learning abilities. The learner gets to appreciate how to solve problems based on fundamental environmental concepts of learning. The recitations and repetitive tasks enable the learner to appreciate the task solutions as instructed during the learning process.

Multiple dimensional learning provides a series of various learning dimensions during the learner learning process. For instance, constant visual interaction with the same knowledge enables the learner to store it to the long term memory. The visual learning complements the relevance of multiple intelligence leaning to reinforce the learning processes. Outside class learning focuses on providing various perspectives which provide more profound learning ideas.

The fun of reading from the natural environment can never be underestimated. Learning in an environment associated with gifts of nature like animals, songs, and colors, provides a fun like learning environment (National Centre for Education Statistics, 2017). A student's learning experience is, therefore, associated with a break from the boredom of the classwork learning environment.

Students are as well in a position to extend their world view of the classwork activities. A regular and routine classwork activities limit student's view of learning about the external environment. A broader picture of what learning has to offer is as such achieved from the outside learning environment.

Expanding vocabulary and articulating the speaking potentials of learners is an additional benefit of learning from the environment that is outside class. Such dictionaries, like the names of elements of nature, is vital to a student's learning. Animal names and the color shades of life plays a part and parcel role of new learning vocabularies in education.

A whole learning material, including genres that students can choose from, is a necessity to successfully learning (National Centre for Education Statistics, 2017). Nature provides all the relevant styles ranging from songs, plays, recitations, and stories. All these are necessary to be incorporated within the learning knowledge. Learners can choose their learning materials and genres. It makes learning more enjoyable.

Student's awareness of full rounded knowledge is equally a benefit of outside class learning. External learning adopts the basic visual concepts and deduces them into precise and straightforward ideas for learning purposes. The visual learning simplifies the learning process from common observable knowledge. Additionally, the external learning environment develops visible learning knowledge into knowledge-based information. It tests the wit of the learner is trying to resolve various situational circumstances.

Learning on world issues, culture, and values like learners to embrace cultural differences of learners (Middleton & Perks, 2016). Learners are, therefore, in a position to support other colleagues write language disabilities.


The outside class learning environment is a crucial factor in reinforcing the learning processes. It predisposes the learner to develop and apply all the classwork knowledge to an external environment. It is critical towards visual portrays of learning the culture, learning of new vocabularies, and support to students. Determining the situation from outside class is also beneficial in the interactive and repetitive learning experience. Learners can develop a good memory of the learned knowledge.


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